The Worcester County Humane Society is getting ready for storm season early this year, working to educate our local community on ways to keep your pets safe during any potential hurricanes. In conjunction with National Hurricane Preparedness Week, which ran May 25th through May 31, the shelter held a hurricane preparedness event at Home Depot in West Ocean City MD on May 31, focusing on raising awareness of pet safety during natural disasters. Each year, the Eastern Shore faces the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms, which can bring heavy rainfall, flooding, and high winds. Not only is our safety important, but so it that of our pets. With this event, the Worcester County Humane Society aimed to inform pet owners of ways to properly keep their animals safe during such disasters.

A few smart tips include:

1)      Putting together a disaster kit with items your pet will need, including: food and water bowls, litter box, comfort items, and medications.

2)      Making sure your pet has proper identification in case you are separated.

3)      Find a pet friendly, safe place to stay ahead of time.

The informative event was held outside of the Home Depot, where many people turn to for necessary supplies for preparing their household for hurricanes and other disasters. The display was a very visible reminder that in the face of disaster, the same concerns that people encounter, pets encounter as well.

What made this event uniquely exciting was a surprise appearance by local musician Kaleb Brown. While in the area, Kaleb decided to lend his talents and play a free concert alongside the Worcester County Humane Society set up. He is known for his generosity and frequently plays at charitable events. “It added a nice touch and was a very kind thing to do,” commented president of the organization Kelly Austin.

The Worcester County Humane Society plans to keep the community informed as hurricane season approaches. For more tips on ways to keep pets safe during a natural disaster or emergency, visit: