After reading this you may think that some members of the ShoreBread team are cowards and we will have to regretfully, albeit knowingly, agree with you. It’s not that we’re scared of heights, but we haven’t yet found the guts to jump out of a plane just yet. That’s right, we passed up on an opportunity to go skydiving (we know, we know, we’re shaking our heads too.) However, if you are one of the many brave people that we sadly cannot bring ourselves to be, take a dive with Skydive OC and experience what we missed out on.

Luckily for the sky divers of the Eastern Shore, we not only have great views, but also a convenient location to dive in! Skydive OC is located at Ocean City’s Municipal Airport on 611 just past West Ocean City and on your way to Assateague Island. It is also a great spot to have an adventure in the wild blue yonder before or after a day at the beach, adding even more excitement to your trip.

The airports location also provides stunning scenery. While free-falling over the Assawoman Bay you not only have an unobstructed view of the body of water below, but you can also see Assateague Island, the Atlantic Ocean and the Ocean City coastline. The panoramic setting is a photographers dream, and who wouldn’t want to take a skydiving selfie? That’s where the sky diving instructor comes in handy! Skydive OC offers tandem sky diving, which means an instructor accompanies you on your dive and can take pictures of you as you descend from the heavens.

These well-trained instructors allow for amateur divers to go up in the air in a matter of hours, instead of attending a day long training session. Having an instructor strapped to your back also reassures you that you will safely arrive back on the ground because they know when and how to properly deploy the parachute. One amateur skydiver who recently took the plunge told ShoreBread about her instructor:

“The instructors were a necessity!” Linda Bancroft said. “One (instructor) said he had been jumping out of planes for 20 years and they do jumping 20-25 times a day!”

Bancroft also filled us in on other thoughts on her experience:

“So the one word I keep describing skydiving as is insane! When you first jump out of the plane and you see that there is nothing beneath you but the earth, it’s terrifying yet stunning. Jumping out of the plane was actually not too hard since you have someone attached to you who basically jumps for you, so you just hold on! I’m really glad I was able to go through with it and the experience was well worth it.”

Well, since you can’t take our word for it, head over to OC Skydiving and experience your own thrill. And send us your photos and thoughts!!