Summer cocktails abound this time of year, which makes this the ideal time to savor in their sweetness. We enjoy a refreshing summer libation just as much as the next person, whether it’s sitting dockside, poolside, or indoors. Crushes at Harborside, frozen drinks on the bay, or a refreshing poolside cocktail are just a few of the drinks we revel in during the summer months. Keep reading for more…


12841 S. Harbor Road, Ocean City, MD 


If you’ve been to Ocean City, then you’ve most likely had an Orange Crush. Over the years, the Orange Crush has slowly evolved into the unofficial cocktail of our resort town, but what most people don’t know is that the original Orange Crush was born in West Ocean City, at Harborside. “Often imitated, never duplicated” is the motto at Harborside, and rightfully so. The original Orange Crush is made up of Smrinoff Orange Vodka and Triple Sec, but there’s a sampling of all sorts of Crushes to choose from – Kadillac Crush, Bloody Crush, Rum Lovers Crush, Fuzzy Crush, Peach Crush, Captain’s Crush, Crushsicle Crush, Crush Your Goose, along with a collection of Grapefruit Crushes. It’s safe to say Harborside takes their Crushes seriously.

Backshore Brewing Company/Hoop Tea

913 Atlantic Avenue (9th Street & the boardwalk), Ocean City, MD


Stumbling upon a brewery on the boardwalk with sweeping views of the beach and the ocean is pretty darn amazing, but its made even better by their ingenuous concoction that is Hoop Tea. Hoop Tea is handcrafted right here in Ocean City at Backshore.. The composition is simple, and decidedly so, comprised of purified water, tea leaves, organic cane sugar, fruit, herbs and 4% alcohol. It’s the perfect summer sip and with their recent decision to start packaging in cans, we expect to see a whole lot more Hoop Tea this summer in OCMD.


5311 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD


“Meet us at Macky’s…where life is good,” seems to ring true every time we head to Macky’s, whether it’s for one of their theme nights, a dinner date, or a sunset cocktail. We definitely suggest the latter as the sunsets at Macky’s are consistently stunning, particularly when paired with an Electric Blue Lemonade or a Mango Macky. Of course a classic strawberry daiquiri, rum runner or dirty banana is always a solid choice too.


8203 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD


Ropewalk opened its Ocean City location this summer, bringing an impressive array of summer cocktails along with them. Located on the bayside with plenty of bars, seating, and gorgeous views, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a few happy hour drinks after work or after a long day on the beach. Since it’s summer, we suggest the Mermaid Water – Cruzan coconut and spiced rum, blue curacao, fresh lime and pineapple served in a 32-ounce pail – or the Sun Chaser which is basically a creamsicle slushie. Of course there’s always the Summer Bliss to consider, a perfect mix of Hi-C Fruit Punch, fresh orange juice, and Lucky Player meringue pie vodka. Cheers!

Atlantic Hotel

2 North Main Street, Berlin, MD


For a splash of history, try sipping cocktails in the Drummer’s Café, located in the historic Atlantic Hotel in downtown Berlin. There are signature martinis, cosmos and crushes to consider, but while in Berlin, why not enjoy a Berlin Cosmo? Sweet Tea Vodka is paired with Orange Liqueur, with an added splash of lime and cranberry juice, served up. For a true summer favorite, opt for the Spiked Palmer – Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade, served on the rocks. We like to think of it as adult lemonade. Of course with blueberry season in full swing, you can never go wrong with a blueberry crush!

Skye Bar

6601 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD


The Skye Bar has long been a rooftop favorite on the Shore, but the overhaul of the space a few years ago redefines rooftop dining. The space is massive, with an expansive view of Ocean City. What’s more, there’s a raw bar with the likes of oysters, king crab, clams, shrimp, and lobster. Top all that off with a fresh summer cocktail and you’ve got yourself a perfect night out. Favorites include the Saturn Squeeze and the Big Bang, made with fresh squeezed oranges and grapefruits. For the sweets lover, indulge in any of the items from the martini dessert bar. The Crème Brulee is as decadent as it sounds, with Smirnoff Vanilla, Butterscotch Schnapps, Hazelnut Liqueur, cream and a sugar rim.

Pool Bars

Trying to narrow down our list of pool bar favorites to just one was downright impossible, so for summer cocktails poolside, we suggest any of the following. First up, The Caribbean Pool Bar and Grille at The Plim Plaza. The frozen drinks will give you a brain freeze, so pace yourself. There’s live entertainment, a large tiki bar, and consistently good vibes. Further uptown, you’ll find the 67th Street Pool Bar at the Holiday Inn. We love that this place is a pool bar in the truest sense – meaning you can actually swim up the bar. For a secret spot, try Kunu’s Tiki Bar, located in the Hampton Inn on 43rd Street. It’s a newcomer so it is still relatively under wraps, but with their spectacular combination of views and drinks, it won’t be for long. And finally, The Riptide Pool Bar at Jonah and the Whale. Not much on looks, but if you’re in the mood for some rowdy fun, this is your place. A must have – the Grimace. No questions…just drink it.


117 West 49th Street, Ocean City, MD


It’s just not summer without at least one trip to Seacrets, and with that comes at least one Pain in de Ass. This house specialty includes multiple layers of frozen Rum Runner and Pina Colada. And because you’re in Jamaica USA, at least one Dirty Banana is required, along with a Jamaican Bobsled – Three Olives Triple Espresso Vodka, Frangelica and cream, with a cascade of coffee liqueur blended to frozen perfection. There’s a host of places throughout Seacrets to enjoy your cocktails, from the rafts in the bay, to the night club, to the various bars spread throughout the Jamaican compound. You could spend an entire day here (just be sure to pace yourself).