Not even open for two weeks, Gilbert’s Provisions is already making a big impact on America’s Coolest Small Town, Berlin, MD. Located behind the Bruder Hill Boutique on Commerce Street, Gilbert’s Provisions is a refreshing pantry of goods for the chef and foodie within all of us.

There are so many shelves to peruse. You may not know where to begin! My advice is to start with the main feature – the charcuterie and cheese display. This cold case is filled with varieties of ham, soppressatta, domestic cheese and imported cheese, but please don’t feel overwhelmed.  Owner Toby Gilbert is very selective and proud of the products that are featured in his shop and he is more than happy to describe each selection and make recommendations along the way. Some of Toby’s favorites include the award winning Black & Blue and Cabra LaMancha made by Firefly Farms located in Accident, MD. Visit the charcuterie and cheese display often as new deliveries are made weekly and daily.

Once you have selected the staple items for your charcuterie display, make your way over to the shelves that house many pickled veggies to choose from. This perfect pairing includes cucumbers, carrots, asparagus and beans, all with very different flavor profiles. If you wish to add a little taste of sweet to your plate, the Holly Hill jams made in Parsonsburg, MD are the perfect accoutrement.

Gilbert’s Provisions’ offerings are not just limited to fresh cheese and charcuterie. This shop is stocked with honey, seasonings, cold brew coffee, dressings and artisan candies. Gilbert’s next product introduction will include his signature ferments such as sauerkraut, kimchi and more. While visiting the shop, Gilbert was working on his very first batch of scrapple; bacon, pâté, confit garlic and fresh ricotta were also waiting to be unveiled. Since there is a process to producing these wonderful creations, they are not ready for purchase yet, but from what we have seen so far, we can promise you that these signature items are well worth the wait.

And, speaking of waiting, we didn’t know that we were waiting for Toby Gilbert and his culinary vision until now. Prior to opening Gilbert’s Provisions, Toby attended college in California, Florida and studied business abroad in Australia. He has gained work experience in the kitchen from an assortment of local restaurants like the Grove Market, Blacksmith Berlin, Liquid Assets and a(MUSE) in Rehoboth, DE. While working with Hari Cameron at a(MUSE), Gilbert was on the team that succeeded in earning the very honorable James Beard nomination. In short, the James Beard Awards are like the Oscars in the culinary world and a very impressive honor just to be noticed.

“Each opportunity that I’ve had has really been a stepping stone to where I am today. I’ve been very lucky,” commented Gilbert.

His experience certainly shows. But please don’t be fooled – there is much more to come from Gilbert as he has big plans for the future. Keep your eyes on Gilbert’s Provisions as it is a constant work in progress with many more delectable offerings to come. Enjoy!

25 Commerce Street | Suite B | Berlin, MD 21811  | Facebook | (410) 973-2334