We have good news and we have bad news. Syd Nichols is extremely busy with this thing called “life” and has to take a time out from posting stories from his day-to-day. The good news is that the ShoreBread team is making a collaborative effort to fill Syd’s shoes, which are extremely large and this task feels somewhat impossible. But, we will do our best…

Speaking of doing our best, are you also a parent? If you are, do you feel as if everyday your only goal in life is to absolutely do your best to make sure that your kid comes back in one piece? Well, if you do, I can assure you that you are in very good company. I am the mother of one child for that is all I can handle. He is energetic, sweet, playful, naturally athletic (Tiger, we’re coming for you) and sneaky. His negotiation skills are far more advanced than any 3 year old’s should be. Every morning, the game begins of “put on clean underwear and I’ll let you watch cartoons.” Oh, and how about “eat your breakfast because you want to be big and strong like Spiderman, right?”. And my absolute favorite “do you want me to tell your father because I will absolutely tell your father if you do not stop using the oven as your target range for indoor golf which I have repeatedly asked you to take outside”.

I think at this point, I could seriously negotiate with world leaders. Furthermore, this is a skill that will definitely be going on my resume and I have a toddler to thank for that. The experienced parents always say “don’t show your kid your cards because they’ll have you figured out before you can blink.” I always thought there’s no way, this can’t happen to me. I’m an older mom with lots of life experience and I’m totally prepared.

No, there is absolutely nothing in this world that can prepare you for parenthood and “winging it” will become your daily motto.

In all honesty, being a parent is the most fun role that I’ve ever taken. I finally realize my strengths and weaknesses, my weakness being the “baby phase” and learning how to take deep breaths when my hands are full of baby and I’m not able to make a simple PB&J. My strengths, however, lie in the toddler phase so far. I can actually run and play with him. And he speaks! We have real conversations and during most of them I am contemplating correcting his grammar because his tweaked grammar is so stinking cute but just so awful. He’s funny and he’s learning how to make silly faces. He’s learning how to tell jokes and react appropriately to situations. He’s actually becoming a real person and most days, I have to take a minute and pat myself, and my amazing husband’s back for winging it so well. He is a fantastic littler person who we are desperately trying to develop into a decent human being and that’s all we can do. Note: if you need to use potato chips as a bartering tool, that’s totally fine. There are worse things in this life that can happen.