We’ve noticed in the last few years, there seem to be a lot of “National Days” popping up all around us. National Respect for Parents Day (which should be every single day), National Tell a Joke Day (again, we should be doing this every day), National Thrift Shop Day… the list goes on and on and, quite frankly, they can be very hard to keep track of. But, there is one day that should certainly not be overlooked: National Chocolate Cupcake Day! October 18th, today, is in honor of a delicious baked treat that had simply lost its street cred for many years until wedding reality shows began taking over the airways. Did I thank those wedding reality shows, yet? No? Thank you, wedding reality shows! Life has once again found substance.

In honor of this very special day, we would like to thank some of our local bakers for dedicating their lives to perfecting this art. We may not have included every single vendor on this list, and we do apologize in advance, but we also encourage you to take time today to find your favorite chocolate cupcake. Take the kids with you and make it a hunt for chocolate treasure!

BAKED Dessert Café – 4 Bay Street, Berlin MD

We love BAKED Dessert Café for so many reasons, but if we only get to pick one, we choose BAKED for their continued efforts to provide us with the best treats possible using all natural ingredients. In short, that means you won’t find any preservatives in their dishes so it’s best that you eat their offerings fast and don’t wait too long. We know…arm twister there. In honor of Oktoberfest, one of BAKED Dessert’s recent creations includes the German Chocolate Cupcake with Burley Oak Salted Caramel Pretzel Bits. Done… you had us at the word chocolate.

Yummy! Sweet Shop – 8201 Coastal Highway, Ocean City MD

Any destination named Yummy! Sweet Shop has to be a good thing, right? Yes! What we found at the Yummy! Sweet Shop was wonderfulness, sensory overload, amazing, and heaven. Simply heaven. They specialize in made-to-order sweets for special events, weddings, birthday parties and more so your next order of chocolate cupcakes can be personalized. Like, cute little fondant vegetables and NFL icons, kind of personalized. They offer flavors like Choc-A-Lot, S’Mores and Chocolate Covered Pretzel. Oh, and did we mention the Snickers Cupcake? Yep, go ahead and add that one to the old treasure hunt list!

Sweet Disposition – 38290 London Avenue, Unit 2, Selbyville DE

Linda and Karen at Sweet Disposition have been baking for beach visitors and locals for years. It’s no surprise that they made this list for their Devil’s Own is simply out of this world! Imagine rich devil’s food cake with chunks of chocolate and topped with delicate buttercream frosting. Really, could it get any better than that? Then, you can take it one step further and order these for your next beach party. Ask Linda and Karen to top your cupcakes with a chocolate seashell or homemade sea glass candy. The possibilities truly are endless.

Desserts by Rita – 9935 Stephen Decatur Highway, Ocean City & 1307 Pulaski Highway, Havre de Grace

Rita Curry began this confectionery adventure in 1985 after creating the famous Rita’s Delight and Lemon Lust for local restaurant owners. Now offering two retail locations, one in West Ocean City and the other located in Havre de Grace, Desserts by Rita is even more accessible. Hands down, their chocolate cupcake is one of the best that we’ve ever had but the real icing on the cake is the actual icing on the cake. Your options include peanut butter buttercream, mocha buttercream, raspberry buttercream, and on and on. Do we really have to limit our love for chocolate cupcakes to just one day? If so, you should definitely include Rita’s in your route.

Good luck today, choc-a-holics. We know that National Chocolate Cupcake Day includes mounds of research and effort, but somebody has to do it and why can’t that somebody be you? Enjoy and please share your stories with us right here on our Facebook page!