The leaves on Delmarva are changing, and one of our favorite parks to witness autumn on Delmarva is Pocomoke River State Park.  With two entrances to the park, divided by the beautiful Pocomoke River, which entrance should you choose?  Both entrances feature great views, but are about a 25 minute drive apart.

Shad Landing

Shad Landing is perhaps the more well known entrance to the park, just off of Route 113.  This side of the park has a Nature Center, camping, kayaks and canoes for rent, trails and a public pool.  We highly suggest the Trail of Change.  As the name suggests, this trail features diverse landscapes.  If there has been a lot of rain, be sure to weather waterproof shoes, as areas of the trail can be very wet.   Another area of this park that we enjoy are the sheltered canoe trails.  While you can launch a canoe in the Pocomoke River from Milburn Landing, the Shad Landing entrance has a nice canoe trail where you can avoid any motorized boat traffic, making it much easier for little ones.

Milburn Landing

Traveling to Milburn Landing makes you feel like you are in a much more secluded area.  You might begin to wonder if the winding road you are on is indeed taking you to the right location. Milburn Landing has so many beautiful trails to explore including portions of the Algonquin Trail, so if you’re interested in a nature walk, this entrance may be for you. Pets are allowed in all areas of Milburn Landing, whereas there are limitations in the Shad Landing area.

Both options are wonderful for day trips or camping, and both have great access to the famous dark waters of the Pocomoke River.  Oh, and did we mention that there is no entrance fee to Pocomoke River State Park?  Be sure to stop by soon before the beautiful leaves have fallen!