On our recent day trip to Snow Hill, MD, we were pleasantly surprised by just how much the town has to offer! In our first article on the town, we provided some fun facts on the town’s history. More recently, we compared Shad Landing and Milburn Landing in the Pocomoke River State Park for the outdoorsmen on The Shore. However, we cannot forget about the shopping enthusiasts out there. In this department, Snow Hill also, does not disappoint! Read below for more information on Shopping in Snow Hill, MD.

Walking through downtown Snow Hill, the streets are lined with art galleries and shops. If you’re a fan of high end, one-of-a-kind pieces of art, there is something for you. If you prefer rustic decor and wall art, then you sure won’t be disappointed. And, if you prefer vintage pieces and antiques, the town has plenty of antique stores to browse. As we walked along, we popped our heads in a few of the stores to say “hi” and learn more. All of the shop owners were so nice and more than happy to share their stories with us:

It’s no secret that the ShoreBread team loves a good cup of coffee so our first stop was to The Daily Brew Coffeehouse. Having only been open for a few months, it was easy to see that the spot had quickly become quite popular. The attendant behind the counter shared that the cafe was initially only going to serve breakfast but grew in popularity so rapidly, that they had to immediately add a lunch menu. The coffeehouse serves up fantastic sandwiches and baked goods. You can check them out here on Facebook.

Fully caffeinated, we headed over to the Vintage Pink Quilt Studio where owner, Kelly Deutsch, was more than willing to share her story with us. Kelly sells an ingenious product: Moda prepackaged fabric collections that include 42 different patterns in the same color tones. This allows her little quilt shop to carry a large variety without keeping a huge stock of giant rolls of fabric. The packages are even pre cut to the exact dimensions needed and she sells a line of DIY quilt books where all the projects use these little squares. Kelly also hosts workshops where three people can come for 2 hours to learn the ropes of quilting. These workshops only cost $15.00 a person. Her shop specializes in beginner workshops and finish work. When we told her we didn’t know the first thing about quilting she responded, “all you have to know is how to sew a straight stitch.” She made it look so easy, we can’t wait to return to learn more! You can also keep up with Kelly’s beauitful creations on her Facebook page.

Our next stop was the Serenity Shoppe. Diane, the owner, makes most of her products in-house – from sugar scrubs to aromatherapy kits – even beer soap made with spent grains from Burley Oak beer! Her essential oil process, is not a quick one as Diane explained that six weeks after creation, the essential oils begin to take on healing properties. She also offers a DIY essentials bar for visitors “to become more comfortable getting to know the gifts that nature has given us from the beginning of time.” Diane went on to tell us that her shop is “all about self care” and she specializes in Reiki practice. Diane’s shop might look like just a store in the front, but the back of the building has a meditative room where visitors can pamper themselves with a relaxing pedicure to help them unwind and relax. You can take a look at Diane’s shop here on Facebook.

Feeling relaxed, we finally walked on over to The Sassy Girl Boutique. Owner, Suzanne, was celebrating 13 years in business when we visited. Her family is from Snow Hill area and the shop got its start around the corner as a small country gift store. The building they are in now was a Western Auto owned by Gus Payne. When Mr. Payne decided to retire, he wanted Suzanne to succeed in her dream of owning a large, successful store so he helped her relocate to his space. Suzanne borrowed money and decided to reinvent the store introducing all kinds of new products: beach décor, block signs, scarves, jewelry, etc. We couldn’t walk around the store for more than a moment without finding something else we wanted to buy. We also had thoughts of Christmas presents in our heads – everything in The Sassy Girl Boutique was the perfect Christmas gift for someone we knew. Suzanne truly loves what she does and it definitely comes across when she talks about her store. We can’t wait to return to work on some Christmas shopping! Suzanne is always posting new products and events on her Facebook page, so make sure to follow along there.

This is only a handful of the shops just ripe with treasures in Snow Hill. In fact, one of our favorite little toy stores in Berlin, MD is currently in the process of renovating the old opera house in Snow Hill to relocate his toy store. We’re pretty excited to see the finished product! Snow Hill is just full of fun ways to spend a day. Make sure to follow along as there are more Snow Hill articles and tidbits to come!