Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. The “New Year, New You” resolution has probably been floating around your mind for the past few weeks now. And if you haven’t been able to stick to your New Year’s fitness goals in the past, we are getting in gear to motivate one another in the New Year of 2017! If you’ve been trying to think of a new diet plan or have been planning a new workout regimen but have been dreading getting on that elliptical or even getting in your car to go to the gym, do not worry! There are plenty of resources here on the Eastern Shore that offer more fun, creative, and better ways to get in shape than just running on the treadmill three hours a day.

ShoreBread is introducing a 2017 Workout Series! Every Friday of the week, a new article will be posted on our website giving you some information on the experience and benefits of different workout classes that one of our team members attends.  There will be five different establishments throughout the Ocean City/Bethany Beach areas, so if you’re not sure of where to go, here is some information about each:

Barrevolution (West Ocean City)

The brand new Barrevolution got started in May of 2016 in West Ocean City with a much larger location in Baltimore. It got its name from the use of a bar that you would typically find in a ballet studio. Owner Lara Custer said that Bar usually incorporates a blend of exercises from Pilates, to core, and even yoga. The great thing about Bar is the workouts that you do are very easy on the joints. So whether you are older, or have continuous joint pain, or are just looking for something low-impact, this studio is perfect for you. The classes that are offered are: Pilates Fusion, Barr & Pilates, Circuit Bar, Core Four and so many more (We will get more in depth with each of those classes throughout the year). Custer says that if you are looking to get in shape for the New Year, you have to start small. “You have to take baby steps. In order to set yourself up for the long term you have to look at the big picture and start small,” she said. All age groups are encouraged to attend classes. If you are interested in signing up for a class, visit www.barrevolution.net.

Pure Power Studio (West Ocean City)

Pure Power Studio in West OC is proudly owned by Angela Houck which encompasses a theme of keeping your feet grounded and learning how to fly. Pure Power Studio incorporates Pilates, Yoga, gymnastics and dance leading to a unique and fun workout that will have you coming back for more. Pure Power Studio offers three different classes with different spins on them: Aerial, Pound, and Pole. PPS has a very feminine vibe to it with pink and purple accents making it an appealing and alternative environment that you wouldn’t get in your typical gym. All ages from 18 to 80 are encouraged to try these unique and fun workouts. These classes incorporate strength, core, and flexibility giving you a full body workout.  The great thing about Pure Power Studio in OC is the sense of women empowerment. “The women who attend my classes build each other up and encourage one another and that’s probably what I love most,” Houck said. The classes only have 6-8 women per class so you have a tight bond with the ones who you attend with. Pure Power Studio in West OC has two 4-week beginner pole intensives offered for January. One on Tuesday at 6 p.m. starting January 3rd and one on Thurs at 6:45 p.m. starting Jan 5th and they’re only $49 each! For more information visit www.purepowerstudio.com.

West OC Fitness (West Ocean City)

West OC Fitness is a great fitness center for someone who doesn’t have time during the day to attend the gym. WOC Fitness is the only 24/7 gym in the Ocean City area. So whether you’re out late with friends, getting off of work or wanting to get a workout in before you get your day started, West OC Fitness is open! If you’re looking to get fit for the New Year, WOC Fitness offers several different memberships with a 1 year contract ($29.95/mo) or a 2 year contract ($19.95/mo). WOC Fitness also offers around 65 classes a week and plenty of gym equipment to use. Another great tool WOC has is their nutritional assessment online. You take a 5 minute questionnaire and it determines what supplements you should be taking if you’re not getting enough vitamins in your daily diet. Because not all supplements are FDA approved, this is a great and trustworthy tool to use if you’re looking into taking supplements. What WOC Fitness wants to do for the public is to educate them on fitness and nutrition. Instead of Googling the answers to your fitness questions, WOC is available to help you get educated about how to meet your fitness goals of 2017.

World Gym (Bethany Beach)

If you live further north than West OC and don’t feel like commuting for a half hour, World Gym in Bethany Beach is a great gym to frequent. World Gym is offered to all age groups, younger or older. World Gym in Bethany has so many great, certified instructors who teach many different classes from spin, to Body Pump, and even Pilates. And, if you really want to get into it, they offer personal training as well. You can get paired with a personal fitness trainer and talk about your goals and they will be more than happy to help you achieve them! World Gym is Bethany’s only full service fitness center featuring a wide variety of group classes, free weights, cardio equipment, and fitness machines. Stop in to see why they have been the area’s fitness choice for over a decade!   

YogaVibez (West Ocean City)

YogaVibez in West OC got started in 2008 by owner Dawn Ehman. Ehman has been a fitness trainer and instructor for over 10 years and wanted to give yoga a more unique vibe. This was the first hot yoga studio in Ocean City, MD to open and be introduced in this famous beach town. The rooms are set from 85-95 degrees to give a fiery vibe to the class and, according to Ehman, it helps relax your muscles and joints allowing you to become more flexible. If you’re telling yourself that you “can’t bend like that” or “I can’t even touch my toes” well stop right there! Yoga actually helps you build strength and increases your flexibility and balance. Even if you’re a little older it can be beneficial for your muscles and joints making you stronger than ever before. The great thing about YogaVibez is it usually has smaller classes allowing you to create bonds and friendships with other people who have the same love for yoga as you do. A piece of advice that Ehman has for people wanting to maintain their fitness goals in 2017 is to try to pair up with a friend or partner. “Instead of feeling guilty by not working out or going to the gym, you are more motivated when you have a friend or partner to go with,” Ehman said. For more information visit www.yogavibez.com.

Stay tuned throughout the year to learn more about these classes and some great benefits to taking each of them! Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new allows you to discover things that you never knew you were capable of. Maintaining your fitness resolutions throughout the New Year is mind over matter. So, if you believe in yourself and put your mind to anything, you will succeed in every direction. The only person stopping yourself from achieving your goals is you, so let’s work together and stay motivated to achieve a new you in 2017!