Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned that bar workouts are extremely beneficial. Bar Revolution’s signature class combines small motions of ballet, pilates and yoga giving you the ultimate workout. Although bar incorporates small, low-impact movements, you will be sweating in a matter of minutes and your muscles will be on fire! And who wouldn’t want to feel like a ballerina?

Now, you’re not dancing around in a tutu (we wish!), but you are using bar to perform a variety of exercises. These different exercises incorporate a variety of movements to build strength and flexibility that will also get your heart pumping! The great thing about this class is that it’s really laid back but will still push your endurance to the limit. Planking, lunges, squats, and variations of crunches will leave you sore the next day. No pain, no gain, right? We took this class in the morning and it gave us the perfect boost of energy we needed to wake up.

Bar Revolution in West Ocean City, MD is the perfect studio with a variety of certified instructors that are outgoing and motivational. They are sure to make class fun! Lara Custer, owner of Bar Revolution, teaches a lot of classes in their Timonium and West OC locations. The energy that radiates from her instruction pushes you to do your best.

There’s a class out there for everyone, but if you don’t try it how can you say you don’t like it? We’ve grown to love bar and will definitely come back for lots of classes. If you are interested in attending class at Bar Revolution, visit barrevolution.net for more dates, times, and classes that you will not want to miss out on!