Do you have a bucket list?  Here at Shorebread we rely on to-do lists, so naturally, we love a good bucket list.  Whether your bucket list is of the traditional life spanning variety, or you choose to do it seasonally (our summer bucket list will surely be coming soon!), we have some ideas of bucket list items you can check off your list in Ocean City.


If you’ve always dreamed of getting on stage and performing, The Sandbar is a great place to do it!  While many other bars in town offer karaoke nights, The Sandbar is Ocean City’s only dedicated karaoke bar.  Put on some crazy sunglasses, jump on stage with some friends and grab a mic!


In our humble opinion, Ocean City is an incredible place to skydive.  The view of the ocean, Assateague Island and the Ocean City coastline are beautiful on your way back to the earth.  Plan your jump with Skydive OC


Perhaps skydiving feels a bit extreme to you, or maybe you just want a longer lasting view.  Parasailing might be a good option for you! Try OC Parasailing or Paradise Watersports

See Wild Dolphins

Dolphin lovers can often spot these creatures from the beaches of Ocean City. If you’re really anxious to cross this off your list (or maybe just not great at the waiting game), you may want to consider taking a boat tour in Ocean City.  While the boat tours do not guarantee dolphin sightings, they do offer a better chance, and will often slow down for viewing. Try the Sea Rocket or Judith M.

Watch the Sunrise at the Beach

This one is easy, but don’t let that diminish the value of the experience.  Nothing is better than getting up at dawn and taking the quiet walk down to the empty beach to greet the new day.  In Ocean City, no hotel or rental is too far from the beach, so you don’t have to get up too early on your vacation.

Learn to Blow Glass

Maybe this isn’t on everyone’s bucket list, but it was pretty high on ours ever since we researched the beautiful work of Dale Chihuly.  Luckily, we were able to cross it off our list with a quick visit outside of Ocean City to Jeffrey Auxer Designs in nearby Berlin.   This is even a great activity for kids!  

Ride the Slingshot

We’ve all seen the videos of people riding the Slingshot and their reaction.  It’s said that the screams of people riding the Slingshot can be heard 10 blocks away from it’s Jolly Roger Pier location! Experience that for yourself, and even get your own video on the ride.  

Learn to Surf

Can you learn to surf in Ocean City?  Absolutely!  You can rent surfboards if you want to try on your own, but we highly suggest a lesson from Malibu’s or Wave Riding School.  They’ll have you standing up in no time!

Ride a Jetski

One thing we love about renting a jetski is that you’re in control.  Want a more thrilling experience?  Go ahead and max out the speed on your ride.  If that’s too much, you can slow it down.  We also love how we can explore.  We recommend Under the Bridge Watersports and Odyssea Watersports

Play Paintball

Have you ever been to a Paintball arena?  If not, playing at OC Paintball is a must during your vacation! 

Ride a Cart Coaster

This might not be on your bucket list yet, but it should be! Speedworld’s Cyclone Cart Coaster is a mixture of go-carts and a roller coaster. You’ve got to experience this for yourself. 

Ride in a Helicopter

Remember those beautiful views we were talking about when we introduced OC Skydive?  A helicopter ride with JJ Shop Heliair is also the perfect way to experience those beautiful views, and gives great options for photos. 

Fly a Plane

Have you always dreamed of flying a plane but always felt that it was out of reach? In Ocean City, you can with the Discovery Flight by Ocean Aviation

Explore a Shipwreck

We never imagined that you could go scuba diving in the waters off of Ocean City and explore shipwrecks.  Now that we know, we’re very intrigued, and hope to be taking a trip with OC Dive Boat soon! 

Go Ziplining

Are you ready to zip through the forest?  Try ziplining at Frontier Town’s High Ropes Adventure Course.   With 3 different courses, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your level of comfort.  

Sleep on the Beach

Those that enjoy the roar of the waves and sleeping under the stars can find the perfect place at Assateague Island State Park or National Seashore. Added bonus: wild ponies are sure to wander near your site during your stay. Please note that sleeping on the beach in Ocean City is prohibited.

Go Flyboarding

Shooting through the air on a water-powered jet pack or hoverboard?  Yes, please! OC Hydrofly is making this dream come true.

Learn to Sail

If you’re dying to take to the open water with nothing but you and a sail, Coastal Kayak can teach you how.  We love their colorful catamarans! 

Go to a Candy Factory

Candy making is one of those lost arts that is now primarily left to professionals and those that actually make the recipes they save on Pinterest. Do you ever stop to think of how it’s made?  A trip to Dolle’s Candy Experience on 67th Street will give you the opportunity to watch the professionals make caramel, candied nuts, and old fashioned salt water taffy on their antique machinery.  

Our bucket list is officially overflowing! We can’t wait to get out and start checking things off and living life to the fullest.