What was once known as The Deli still has a few familiar faces, but a whole new Vibe. Vibe Bar & Grill that is, located in a small shopping center on Rt. 13, across from the Salisbury University campus. Towards the end of 2016, original owner, Mitch Fletcher, felt the need to give the popular dining spot new life. In November, The Deli temporarily closed their doors so that the remodeling could begin. Fletcher and his team built as much of the structure as they could with materials they already had, including tables, storage spaces, and fixtures on the walls. We asked Fletcher how he came up with the name for his new endeavor. He explained to us that while they were trying to choose a name, they continually said that the space just had a “really good vibe.” The very next day, a beer representative walked into Vibe, not having been there since the remodel, and simply commented, “Wow, this place has a great vibe!” And, thus, Vibe Bar & Grill was born.

The menu at Vibe does include some of the more popular sandwiches from The Deli, but a majority of the menu is a fresh new take on some of Fletcher’s favorite ingredients. One specialty item to note is the Brisket that is slow-roasted in house for 10 hours and then used as the main ingredient in multiple dishes. Another proud feature for Vibe is the Berrylicious Salad topped with house-made blueberry goat cheese. Yes, please! Whatever your taste may be, the Vibe menu is sure to offer something delicious and unique to everyone seated at your table, including the kiddos!

Fletcher did mention several times that Vibe Bar & Grill would not be possible without his team, including those who work at Vibe, his wife, and his brother Oakes. Mrs. Fletcher has the daunting task of choosing the wine and beer that is featured on the beverage menu. The next time that you’re at Vibe enjoying that red blend or local IPA, you can silently thank Mrs. Fletcher for having such awesome taste in vines and hops! And Oakes, who lives in Pennsylvania five days out of the week, visits the Salisbury restaurant quite frequently to offer assistance to Fletcher and his wife when they are in need of a little downtime with their daughters. Fletcher also mentioned that it’s just really nice that he and Oakes get to work together and build the restaurant from the ground up.

“Surrounding myself with really good people and watching people be successful. That’s what I strive for each day,” commented Fletcher.

It’s the really great people who inspire Fletcher to make Vibe Bar & Grill the best that it can be. Answering the requests of guests, Vibe has added dinner entrees to their menu during the evening hours. They are also offering off-site service for business lunches of up to 30 people. Looking for a great new way to treat your employees for a job well done? Vibe has the local businesses in Salisbury and the surrounding area covered!

Fletcher and his family are very passionate about their community and want to see the local businesses in Salisbury thrive. “The community is everything to me because this is where we’re raising our children. The uniqueness of our offerings will bring people in and that paired with our quality of service and food will keep them coming back.” Fletcher’s passion is clear when sharing his vision for the Vibe Bar & Grill. “Instead of talking about how awesome we want to be, we just try to do it.”

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