We all love vacationing on the beach, enjoying the sunset at a bayfront restaurant, and working on our tans, but when you come to Ocean City with the whole family, there will probably be differing opinions on what to do for “fun.” We know there are lots of family-friendly activities in town, but we also know that some kids miss that feeling of sitting back, controller in hand, and getting lost in a game of FIFA or Resident Evil.

The Spot on 28th St. in Ocean City is the newest gaming lounge in town, full of XBOX and PS4 gaming systems, as well as Virtual Reality Headsets. The goal of The Spot is to provide an ultimate gaming experience for customers like nowhere else with ultra HD TVs equipped in each room, Playstation gaming chairs so that players can get a “real” racing experience, and even plans to host FIFA tournaments!

Along with an Xbox room, Playstation room and Virtual Reality room, they will also have PCs available for customers to use.

The Spot is Ocean City’s up-and-coming fad of the summer for under 21 events and hangouts on the weekends, and will be open to all ages throughout regular business hours.

“When you walk into The Spot, the customer will feel comfortable and at home with our living room setup of 65″ Ultra HD Smart TVs, seats, chairs, and music,” said The Spot’s Alvin Chen.

Make sure to check out their under 21 promo party on July 21st. From 8pm-2am, with free admission before 10pm, DJ Khendrixx will be hosting the kickoff event of the summer! Bring a valid ID stating that you are under 21 to enjoy free music, snacks and beverages. Make sure to follow them here on Facebook to stay up to date on their grand opening.