We love summers in Ocean City.  The town is full of excitement and nothing beats a lazy day on the beach.  Recently we got a chance to see Ocean City from a new perspective, on the water with the Sea Rocket!  Our first adventure of the day was a 2 hour fishing charter.  We certainly aren’t fishing pros, but the Sea Rocket staff had us baiting our lines in no time.  Before long we had our first bite, a flounder!  You are also likely to catch rockfish and bass during your trip.  Nearby a small boy caught his first fish and posed for a picture. Some guests seemed to just be enjoying the bay views on the boat.  When the Sea Rocket Pontoon isn’t on fishing charters it can be rented for sunset cruises or private parties, holding a maximum of 22 people.

Next on our list was parasailing. One member of our Shorebread team was very excited, the other a bit apprehensive about the height. Riding on the small boat into the ocean and seeing other groups on the boat go up only increased the anticipation. Guests can choose to go up 400, 600 or 800 feet.  Always ones to push our own boundaries, we chose 800 feet. We were outfitted with life vests and harnesses and sat on the open back of the boat, waiting for the parachute to fill and lift us into the sky.  Soon we’re gently lifted, hovering above the back of the boat.  The boat pulls away and our parachute lifts us higher in the sky.  From the air we spot a pod of dolphin and rays.  The view was so spectacular, and the flight so calm, that we’re not even nervous about the height when we’re in the air. Before we took off, we let the operators know we had a camera and they were able to reel us back in without getting our gear wet.  Of course, a quick dip in the ocean is always an option, too! We highly suggest this adventure for people aged 4 and up.  They’ve even taken up someone that was 104 years old!

Finally, we get to experience what we’ve been waiting for, a ride aboard the Sea Rocket!  We’d seen the boat with it’s famous rooster tail hundreds of times from the beach, but this was our first experience on board.  The Sea Rocket reaches a maximum of 25 miles per hour and seats up to 128 passengers.  As you leave the Sea Rocket dock next to Sunset Park and head through the Inlet, take a look to your right, away from Ocean City and try to spot an Assateague Pony.  We sped past the pier, enjoying the music on the boat and spotting recognizable landmarks.  Soon we spotted a pod of dolphins, and the boat slowed so we could watch and take pictures.  Seeing the dolphins play in the wake of the boat was a highlight of the trip.  The Sea Rocket boasts an 88% success rate of seeing dolphin on the trip. Don’t forget to bring your camera on this trip!  We were surprised that we stayed dry during the trip, but it’s always a good idea to bring plastic bags for electronics, just in case.

Our day with the Sea Rocket was full of smiles and excitement, and we left ready to book another trip with our families.  You can book a trip online or by calling 410-289-4FUN.  Their location is just off the boardwalk, perfect for a quick snack between trips.