With the traditional flu season at high intensity in Maryland and very active on the Delmarva Peninsula, Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) is asking members of the community to please remember the important role they play in protecting both patients and other visitors and hospital staff from contracting or spreading the flu virus.

As a precaution and to be proactive, PRMC reminds anyone with a cold, cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms to please remain at home and not visit patients. Additionally, and for the immediate future, the Medical Center is restricting children under the age of 12 from visiting. People with appointments at Peninsula Regional are asked to not bring children under 12 to their appointments unless the appointment is for the child. Exposure to the flu virus can happen even in a waiting room.

Siblings under 12 may visit PRMC’s Mother-Baby unit or Labor & Delivery after a screening by the patient’s nurse. Parent must be sure siblings are not ill before bringing them to visit the Mother-Baby or Labor & Delivery units. For babies’ safety, children with upper respiratory infections or symptoms of the flu will not be permitted to visit.

“Everyone understands this may cause an inconvenience, but we must continuously safeguard everyone visiting here or staying with us for care,” said Karen Mihalik, RN, Infection Preventionist. “That includes taking extra precautions to protect our young visitors themselves from possibly contracting or spreading a virus at Peninsula Regional.”

During the flu season, visitation may be further limited throughout the entire Medical Center depending upon the level of flu activity occurring in the community or within the facility.  Anyone experiencing any emergency-related healthcare need is still encouraged to visit the PRMC Emergency Department for care.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center expects these restrictions to be in place through March, and will be extended depending on flu activity. We will keep Delmarva residents updated on any changes in visitation during the current flu season.