With the recent warm weather on The Shore, all we can think about over here at Shorebread is the summer fun that is coming our way! Between sandy beach days full of relaxation, long summer nights spent with friends and family, and some crazy adventures in-between, the Eastern Shore is the place to be this summer. With all kinds of adventures to choose from, we have a special secret we want to share with you; Hang Gliding at Virginia Hang Gliding in Painter, VA!

At Virginia Hang Gliding, you can soar above the Eastern Shore with breathtaking views of both the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. At your personally selected altitude of 2,000 ft., 3,500 ft., or 5,300 ft. you can float through the sky like a bird on one of their specially designed light-sport airplanes called a Dragonfly. The Dragonfly climbs at only 30 mph, making your ascent relaxing yet breathtaking. Hang gliding flights are available May through September for optimal flying conditions.

When flying with Virginia Hang Gliding, you will take off from their 25-acre facility with a pilot and the glider. You and your pilot will fly high above The Shore with Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads to the south and Chincoteague to the north. During your flight, you will enjoy scenic views while floating peacefully through the sky or you can opt in for a rollercoaster ride of aerobatics if you’re looking to experience a thrill ride. Regardless of your preference for a peaceful or rollercoaster flight, Virginia Hang Gliding will be hands down an incredible experience for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating family activity, fun with a group of friends or the perfect gift for an adventure seeker, Virginia Hang Gliding is the right choice! For more information visit https://www.virginiahanggliding.com/ or email: info@virginiahanggliding.com. To schedule a hang gliding flight, call 757-346-1134!