Do the emotional animal advertisements on TV make you tear up? Are you a pet owner or an animal lover? If so, this upcoming event at Baywater Animal Rescue may be right up your alley! Take action by joining us to provide medical and surgical care to the animals in our rescue shelter.  No animal should be left to suffer.

La Mascherata: A Night in Venice

Head to Scossa Restaurant (8 N Washington St, Easton, MD 21601) for the chance to make a difference! The Baywater Animal Rescue Fourth Annual Elegant Dinner & Wine Pairing will be on Saturday March 30 at 6pm. Admission is $160, with each dollar going towards providing support to animals in need. Each ticket includes a four course meal, a joyous experience, along with Live and Silent Auctions during the night.

Dress up in your favorite masquerade outfit and take the night to relax. With your support, 99% of the animals placed in our care are saved.

It’s Up to You to Make a Difference

With Baywater Animal Rescue holding the title of the Eastern Shore’s leading no-kill shelter, it is important to continue supporting this local shelter.

You can’t change an animal’s past, but your support will re-write their future. Each dollar earned holds significant value to keep this non-profit afloat with 67% going towards animal sheltering, and 17% towards medical bills. Each year, the percentage of adaptions has steadily increased, while the amount of animal that have died in the shelter has also decreased. Help us reach a 100% adaption and survival rates.

This is the purr-fect time to make a difference. Register today!