Historic Lewes Farmers Market Opens
Saturday, May 30, 8 am – 12 pm
Shields Elementary School Parking Lot 
(Savannah Rd. and Sussex Drive)
Hello, friends!
We are celebrating our 15th season this year. All of us will be so happy to see you back at the market again, even though we will have to smile at you with our eyes above our masks.
We will be sending you two newsletters this week-this one detailing what to expect at the market, and one later in the week letting you know what vendors are bringing this Saturday. Due to expected rain, rather than be at George H.P. Smith Park, we will be in the Shields School parking lot this Saturday.
What to Expect
The market you will find is very different than last year’s market, and we want you to know what to expect when you visit us. Due to Covid-19, our emphasis has shifted to ensuring safe access to fresh foods, and our market, for now, won’t be the social venue we all love. We are following the Delaware Department of Agriculture Farmers Markets Protocols to help keep all of us safe. This means no demos, no tastings, no lingering, one-direction through the market, masks, 6 feet social distancing, and more. Please see the customer protocols at the bottom of this letter.
Shields Elementary School (Savannah Rd. and Sussex Dr.)
The one entrance to the market, when located at Richard A. Shields Elementary School, is at the school parking lot entrance on Shields Avenue in front of the school. There will be a hand-washing station at the school, and a volunteer will also be at the entrance with sanitizer spray for your hands.
Parking for Shields Elementary School
We thank Beebe Hospital for allowing customers to park in the outdoor Beebe lot in the back of the Hospital. Enter that parking area through the main entrance to the Hospital between Rite Aid and the Hospital. To get to Shields from the outdoor Beebe parking lot, walk to Savannah Rd and turn right at the Rite Aid. Take another right at Sussex Drive, and you will see the market in the school parking lot.
Market Maps
You will find Vendor Layout Maps for G.H.P. Smith Park and Shields School on our website: www.historiclewesfarmersmarket.org. You will also find a parking map for both markets. You can either print out to bring to market or view it on your phone.
Pre-ordering and Purchasing
A number of our vendors now take pre-orders. On the HLFM website (www.historiclewesfarmersmarket.org), we list all our vendors, their contact information, and whether or not they take pre-orders. If you pre-order, you will pick up at the vendor tent in the market and walk around the market path to the exit. Also, if you pre-order, we ask that you come later in the day when there is less volume. Make a list before you come to the market. Prices will be rounded to dollars so that there is no coin change. Please tell the vendor what you want and listen carefully as to how they want you to use their credit card machine or give them cash. Please remember to observe 6 ft social distancing in front of the vendor tent.
What’s at Market Newsletter
Our weekly newsletter lists featured items from vendors each week. If you are not on the list, please email: info@historiclewesfarmersmarket.org to be added.
SNAP and WIC and SFMNP Coupons
We will not be able to start processing SNAP, WIC, and SFMNP coupons until June 6. We will still match SNAP up to $20 per market, per customer. The SNAP tent will be set up outside the market. At G.H.P. Smith Park, the SNAP tent will be next to the trailer in the circle. At the Shields market, the tent will be next to the school building.
(Delaware Department of Agriculture) 
  • Do not come to the Market if you have symptoms related to Covid-19
  • Cover your face: You must wear a face covering to enter the market.
  • Wait your turn: No more than 2 customers per vendor at a time.
  • Maximum of 2 people per household allowed in the market.
  • Social Distancing: Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and everyone else at the Market.
  • Electronic Payment: Use credit cards when you can. Follow vendor instructions carefully.
  • No touching: Do not touch market items. Tell vendor the item you wish to purchase, and the vendor will bag items for you.
  • No doubling back: The market is one-way; you must move continuously through Market.
  • No lingering or congregating: Spend as little time as possible with each vendor for flow of customers through the Market.
  • Pre-order as much as you can: Many of our vendors can now take pre-orders. Consult HLFM newsletter, Facebook page and website for information on how to pre-order with them. Pick up from them at the Market.
  • No pets (service animals permitted): this is a State rule for farmers markets at this time
  • Wash your produce: At home, wipe down any packaging with anti-viral solution. Wash your produce with water.
Thank you for helping keep the Market community safe!