Feng Shui and money–two things we should all have a better understanding of. They both can work in positive ways for creating a wealthy life, when we properly understand them.Feng Shui is simply creating a more positive flow of energy into your life. Positive Thoughts + Positive Actions = Positive Results. It’s really that simple! The energy you put out is what comes back. How you act towards others also becomes the standard of how they will treat you. As the tide goes out, so it comes back in.

Sometimes the only thing limiting us from our wealth is ourselves, so we need to look inward to find our gifts. Imagine what wealth means to you. How would you help yourself and others? If you could do anything you love and have passion for it, why don’t you start doing it as a part-time job, now? Everyone has a unique gift that makes them special. If you want to have good karma you have to start with yourself. Visualize what you want as if it has already happened, and be specific about the details. Once you are clear about what you specifically want it’s like having a road map, you are no longer lost. You’re headed in the right direction and you get there faster!

Financial Karma Wealth Tips:

  • Always carry a wallet. It keeps you more organized and conscious of the money you spend. Sloppy money, sloppy spending. While shopping ask yourself, how is this purchase going to benefit me in a a year? Do you really want it or are you just an impulsive buyer? Pack rats don’t have good Feng Shui!
  • Keep your toilet lids down. This isn’t about being proper, keeping the lid up is actually a big financial money drain. Based on Feng Shui principles keeping energy flowing in your home keeps your wealth flowing. Toilets lids, sinks and bath tub drains should all be kept closed.
  • Place a wind chime at the front of your house or bells on your door. (Great for your place of business too.) This creates a more positive chi’ (energy) coming into your home or business, for wealth.
  • If you were standing at the front door of your home looking in, the far back left of your home would be your wealth area. Make sure that area is clean and not cluttered. Place a plant or something purple there and visualize the wealth you want to come your way. Purple is the color of wealth and green is new money–be specific with your visualization.
  • This one is easy.  Get in contact with your mentors, helpful people, and anyone who has always been supportive of you. If you think you can’t you won’t! Time to start believing dreams can be your reality!
  • This one is harder.  There are two ways to solve money problems: spend less or make more. Start investing in yourself. 10% of your income everyday should be put away. If you forget one day, double it the next day. After six months invest in your future in some way, (IRA, college tuition, etc.) This will soon become a good habit and one you will want to keep.
  • Do a simple deed to brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be expensive or cost anything at all. Volunteer your time, go walk a dog or play with the cats at the Humane Society; take a sick friend lunch, just giving someone a nice compliment can brighten someone’s day. You reap what you sow!
  • There are so many principles of Feng Shui that you can apply to your home or life–it helps with all areas of your life…wealth, health etc. I also teach how colors and furniture arrangement have an effect on you, and many helpful tips that won’t cost anything to apply. It really is just a lot of common sense.

I offer “Feng Shui Solutions” by private consultations, classes or home parties. I would be glad to help you have a better understanding of the 5,000 year old ancient principles of Feng Shui. Contact me at 410-251-6977 for more information.