A game time decision – Everything either all comes together at the very end or falls apart, depending on your perspective.  With a birthday this past weekend and the start of holiday parties we are coming down to the wire, especially if we want to move in before Christmas.  There is a lot to do in the next week, but some of the major important things have been checked off the list.  On Tuesday the two major necessities where resolved – toilets and internet.  This is funny to think that when the house was originally built the internet was not even imagined in science fiction and indoor plumbing was a commodity.  

For the aesthetic fans the crowning jewel of the kitchen was delivered and installed – the Silestone counter tops.  They are shiny sparkly and new, and also a marvel of modern technology. Manufactured with natural products including quartz makes it very hard , color consistent and virtually maintenance free.  Since nothing about a century old house is maintenance free, It will be  be nice to have gathering spot in the heart of the home be the one thing that is top of the line.  Oh, and it as bacteriostatic protection added to every slab during manufacturing, which helps to keep the counters tops free of germs.
The kitchen floor has been stained and poly-ed and we are ready for appliances.  If we get a working shower – with tile – we will be making the “game time decision" if we are going to move in before Christmas. No matter what there will be work to be done after we move it, but the question is how much we are willing to live and work with will be what influence's the decision.