Based on Feng Shui Principles you can improve your life by improving your environment. Yes, simple things such as plants ,colors and the arrangement of furniture have a direct influence on your life.

Here are a few simple tips to apply:

1. While dining out always take a seat that faces the entry way. This is callled the power seat. You are more at ease and in control. Put your back to the door and you feel uneasiness, as people come from behind you unexpectedly.

2. Want to attract more love? Wear peach, it is considered a color of attraction to the opposite sex. It will also make you feel more social.

3. Need more wealth? Carry a red wallet. Red is the luckiest color in chinese culture. Also place a round or octagon shaped mirror under your cash register or wherever you keep money at home. Mirrors magnify money, drawing more towards you.

4. Place a symbol of water near your front door. This is symbolic of good wealth chi (energy) coming to you, because your front door is considered your career area. Place a water feature such as an aqarium or fountain near the door. Or, as an easy substitution, a black or navy mat will work. Those colors are considered water colors.

5. Bring some new love to your life. Start placing things in pairs in your home. Have one night stand? Have a picture of singular things? Make it two – creating an environment for two people. Add some pink and red in your decor; pink is for love and red is stimulating. Place nine new plants in your bedroom until new love comes your way. Nine is the luckiest number in Feng Shui.

6. Get rid of everything in your home that no longer serves a purpose; this is a way to make you more open to opportunities coming your way.

7. Replace dead plants with healthy new plants. This is a positive influence on your own personal  health.

8.Place a crystal hanging in a window. This will create a positive energy in your room.

9. Always visualize specifically what you want in detail when doing Feng Shui. Your positive intentions make positive things come your way, faster.

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