January is coming to a close, usually a time of year when it is bitter cold and you don't want to leave the house. Well not this year! I am thankful for this mild winter, but I can't help but feel like this is the calm before the storm. As I was washing the dishes last week, I looked out the window and noticed green among the dead branches and dead leaves on the ground. After a second look, I realized they were bulbs, popping through the winter ground. If a true cold winter does arrive, will the many bulbs we have seen aroudn the yard come back again? I can't help but be excited about the opportunites that lie outside this warm home, when spring does finally show, we have alot of outdoor renovations to do as well. 

The boxwoods on the property were always the first thing people saw when it came to the Humphreys House. Now that the boxwoods have been pruned and are in the midst of a renovation of their own, we can begin to look at what other landscaping we have to work with. Many trees on the property have been left to grow for years and years, and some have been long dead and must be gotten rid of for safety purposes. There are also many "volunteers", a term that was used to describe the many younger trees in the backyard, that are placed sporadically throughout and all seem to grow leaning back, reaching to the sunlight. After meeting with some tree experts, we have decided that we may keep a couple of those, but most will be taken down, to help bring the rest of the yard back to life.

Beyond removing the dead and overgrown from the yard, we also get to look forward to adding new plants, trees and flowers. One thing I look forward to planning is if we can do a garden, and where we will build it. The fresh produce of summer and fall is something I miss terribly this time of year. Maybe we will start with a small raised bed in a sunny part of the yard, I think we should be able to make that happen. I also will be looking to knowledgable friends for advice on good plants to place in our yard. You have some ideas to share with us, email them!