Since living in Ocean City I have met some pretty amazing people who have really surprised me with their background and life journeys. I think sometimes people have the wrong impression of our town—yes I officially consider myself a local now that Starbucks knows my drink every morning—as if we don’t have a pulse of what is happening in the big city. I think it is actually the opposite; I think we dive deeper into news, culture and staying in the know.

I want to introduce you to Taylor Schlette who I have dubbed the Social Media & Marketing Maven of South Moon Under. I really don’t know how she does everything she does, while maintaining a social life and staying cute. Oh, and cute she is! I am telling you after spending time with her, I have officially decided that she needs her own reality show where I can be a frequent guest star. We also exchanged BFF bracelets, so it’s official, we’re friends for life.
As Taylor explained to me, she is a beach baby—she grew up in Ocean City, MD.  She left the area for college at Mount St. Mary’s, internships, and her very first job at a PR firm in Washington DC. Pursuing a career in fashion, Taylor left DC for New York City, and then landed back in OCMD where she currently works as the Marketing Coordinator for South Moon Under.
Taylor’s personal style is Bohemian, girly, and grungy. She loves being trendy, but as Taylor says, “I like to take something that I die for, and wear it my way.”

Q&A With Taylor:

What are your fashion Influences? Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, bloggers, friends, my work
Since the world is moving so fast, how do you stay on top of what is happening with Social Media? And keep your topics fresh? Luckily, I love what I do.  So I stay up-to-date on what’s fresh and fab in fashion in my free time, and that helps me stay up to date on things for work. I surround myself with fashion girls and social media savvy bloggers so I live my work…almost.
Describe a day in the life of Taylor: All day I am Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging. My phone goes off constantly with updates and new opportunities from bloggers. South Moon Under gets a lot of press from bloggers so I constantly track what people are saying about us. A big part of blogging is styling photo shoots and taking photos of inspiring outfits on real people. There is so much opportunity out there that I am constantly in meetings with PR people about new ways to connect with customers in a social way. Working in fashion is a constant go, go, go, so from reading magazines, being a social media maven, and looking for the new next thing my life—work is hectic!  But lucky me, I work doing something that I am really passionate about.
How has living in Ocean City affected your ability to stay on top of what is happening in city life, pop culture and the fashion world?  I work in cities for photo shoots and events. I also have an amazing group of friends who are stylish and into fashion themselves, so they keep me fresh. I can’t stress the blogger and social thing enough; with the world on the internet you can live in a small town but get inspired from the fashionistas of the city.

I notice that you have so many cute bracelets on, and you mention that you make them yourself. How do you have the time? Living in a small town, it’s relaxing and quiet with not much to do. So I take that quiet time to make clothes, bracelets, and decorate my crib. I die for arm candy right now, and when you’re on a budget, if you want to stay stylish, you have to improvise.

What are your top 3 fashion must have right now? Show-stopper jewelry. Iif you invest in anything this year its got to be major jewelry. Distressed band t-shirts; hipster eyeglasses.

What is the last thing you bought? Sheer black high-low long, flowy skirt.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Taylor. You can follow her on any of the websites below and I promise you will be entertained!

Fashionably Yours,