This season it is all about sunglasses, or as I like to call them “Sunnies.” The cool thing about sunglasses is that you actually don’t really need sun to rock them. Yes, you can even wear them indoors. They are being used more now as an additional accessory rather than blocking the sun, although they come in handy for that as well.

They are the perfect solution to a late night out, a lazy make up day, and are an instant chic update! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on really expensive designer glasses to get the look you want. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love a good investment piece, but for $500 I would rather have more options than spend that kind of money on one pair.

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is not an easy task. However, you know better then anyone what looks good on you, so don’t be talked into buying something that you’re not comfortable in, or that you would never wear. Stay true to yourself and your personal style. Remember that not everything that is on trend will look good on you, so it is important that you don’t get caught up in only what’s “trendy,” and pick styles that work with your face shape.

You should approach sunglasses and building your collection the same way that you would your regular wardrobe. You want to pick your staples—styles that are classic first, and then add to your collection over the years. I am pretty obsessed with Rayban sunglasses and over time I have managed to collect four pair. Each of the styles I own work with many different looks. If you want to buy them all at one time, you can search A.J. Morgan and find all of these looks under $30—and you can’t even tell the difference.

Here are my favorite styles from Rayban:

1. Original Wayfarer in black.
2. Aviator large in gold metal. Aviators are a must-have.
3. Straight brow in brown.
4. Rayban chunky cat eye in black or tortoise.

All four styles are currently available on

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