You know how sometimes, you run into someone when you’re out taking care of your many errands, but you just can’t think of their name or how you even know them? They just approach you and say, “Heyyy, man, how’s it going? Are you still doing that thing you do? How’s the family? Been anywhere cool lately?” while you’re left scratching your head thinking, “Who is this person and how do I really know them?” This scenario happens to one local individual probably more often than it does to the rest of us. That’s just what happens when your face is posted on larger-than-life sized billboards across the Delmarva Peninsula.

What happens when this man opens his mouth is another story completely. His voice is unmistakable. We’ve all heard it. It sounds kind of like Bulldog, the radio personality from Irie Radio – that station from Seacrets that plays on 98.1. After seeing his bearded face staring at you while you drive on Route 13, hearing his unmistakable voice, and then knowing much about his hobbies and life from listening to the Rude Awakening Show, of course you’d think you actually know this man. That’s when Bulldog is left scratching his head wondering who YOU are.
Who is the real Bulldog? We all know he’s quite a character – he has to be to have his own 4-hour radio show. Bulldog, whose real name is actually David, is more than the General Manager of Irie Radio and the creator and host of the 4-hour morning show. He’s someone who has quite the story.
Before hopping private planes to Ocean City, hanging out on yachts traveling to Cape May, and having Phone Girl to answer his phone calls, Bulldog led a very structured life. He wore a burgundy colored fitted suit jacket that signified his position as a Commodity Broker in Chicago. For 18 years, Bulldog bid on, bought, and dealt with markets of raw or primary products in a big building in downtown Chicago. His life at the Exchange came to an end when he retired at a young age. 
Bulldog left the Exchange, talked over some plans with his wife, packed up the kids, and embarked on a trip to the islands. Some retirement, right? Bulldog and his family established a new home on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten. Looking for a new hobby, Bulldog found his way into radio. He became one of the islands most listened to radio DJs working side-by-side with a man named ManCow.
It wasn’t long before the ‘Dog decided it was time for another change of scenery. In 2004, he decided to venture back to the states – choosing to visit New York City. This is when he got a phone call from a friend, Leighton Moore, the owner of Seacrets. Bulldog and Moore met while in St. Maarten. Bulldog tells an elaborate story of how Moore practically tricked him into taking over the Ocean City based radio station. Before he knew it, the exuberant personality had his own show and was managing a handful of other radio jockeys. 
Settling down in Lewes, DE wasn’t the end of this traveler’s journey. Bulldog still seizes every chance he is offered to hop a plane and high-tail it out of the country. Bulldog is a self-proclaimed drifter. He does what he wants, goes places he’d like to go, and is known to just pick up and leave. It’s one of those things he just does without thinking about.
Earlier this month, Bulldog traveled to Spain. For over a week, he and his daughter toured Madrid, Barcelona, and places in between. Traveling during Spring Break has become a yearly ritual for Bulldog and his daughter. They embark towards random destinations annually for his daughter’s spring break. The trip also acts as a birthday gift for her; she’ll be turning 18 tomorrow. The recent birthday/Spring break trip to Spain resulted in lots of shopping for trinkets and clothing and site-seeing. 
“We saw almost everything there is to see. We just took in all of the sites,” said Bulldog.
He talked about his visits to places like the Prado Museum, Buen Retiro Park, and Sagrada Familia. 
“Most of all, we just did a lot of walking around and a lot of hanging out at places.”
One of his favorite parts of the trip was watching a Flamenco dance show with his daughter and picking up a rad duffle bag made out of recycled banners that hang above the streets in Spain. He was really excited about that bag. Something he said he would never do again? Go see the bull fights. It was too rough and too sickening. 
When asked about other future travels, Bulldog said he has hopes to visit Vietnam, Germany, and Kenya in the near future. Already crossed off his list are China, Japan, Hawaii, and Italy. The man with the bold personality paused, reminisced, and said,
“The wine region of Italy has been one of my favorite places to visit. Tuscany, especially.”
Bulldog then explained his plans to travel with his wife after both his daughter and son are doing their own things in or after college. They have devised a plan to continually move; only spending one year in each new location.  They have already crossed some places off of their ‘move-to’ list: Chicago, St. Maarten, Houston, a few others, and Lewes, of course.
Bulldog has lots of other hobbies, too. He enjoys cars (Ferraris and Mustangs seem to be his favorites), has a pristine collection of vinyl, likes lava lamps, gathers signatures from the members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and has a love for radio.
Tune into Ocean 98.1, Irie Radio every morning to catch Bulldog on the Rude Awakening Show. Bulldog writes his radio show every night and presents it to the public the following morning. The 4-hour show is a way for listeners to stay on top of everything, just as Bulldog must do himself.
With random strangers constantly approaching him, asking him questions, and telling him that they enjoy his show, Bulldog will never run out of things to talk about. To hear more about Bulldog’s recent travels follow him on Twitter or check him out on Facebook.