This week there was an influx of fashionistas at the shore. South Moon Under hosted their annual Managers Meetings, attended by all of the managers from the many locations. They visit the home office in Berlin, MD to review the latest trends for summer. With this event comes so much excitement, the opportunity to reconnect with friends, lots of story telling, and of course the clothes! I remember when I would attend these meetings prior I would spend hours deciding exactly what I was going to wear—like I was attending a red carpet event. Clearly, I was excited.

All of the store managers brought their A game when it came to their garb, and that is truly what I love about fashion—how it inspires you to take risks, enables you to express yourself, and be whomever you want to be. From short shorts, to crochet pants, arm swag and let’s not forget the fabulous shoes—all you heard was a collective gasp (in a good way), every time someone walked through the door.

I was so excited to spend some QT time with one of my dearest friends Julie Downie, who is a fashion maven and can pull off any look! I especially loved her outfit because it was so daring and so her! She looked liked she was attending the Coachella music festival rather then attending business meetings. This is what I love most about South Moon Under! I showed Julia around town—we headed out to Fishtales, a local outdoor hotspot for $3 orange crushes and tons of good conversation. Of course we did get some stares due to our over-the-top fashion, but I always say if they look, that means you are doing something right.

What I loved the most about the whole experience is that everyone had their own take on the trends. We even had a fashion no-no, two people wearing the same thing, but because they both wore it so differently you didn’t really notice.

I wanted to be able to share with all of you some of my favorite looks from the meeting, so enjoy the pictures in the gallery below; I hope that you are inspired as much as I was.

Fashionably Yours,