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Have you downloaded Instagram yet? You’ve ‘gotta have it!

Instagram is a fast, beautiful, and fun way to share your photos with friends and family. You can easily snap a picture on your iPhone or Android, choose a filter to transform its look, and then post to Instagram –a social networking system of its own. Instagram also allows easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, too. Best of all, Instagram is a free app!

Instagram recently announced that they’ve been purchased by Facebook. Instagram will be working with Facebook to further their capabilities and further the network. New features are expected to debut in the near future.

The whole goal of Instagram is to take simple photos and make them prettier. Instagram is virtually a camera app with a social networking system tucked inside. The app is very easy to use and doesn’t overwhelm with a plethora of features. Simplicity is valued highly in the Instagram world.


Just like Twitter, FourSquare, or Facebook, users have the ability to pinpoint the location their photo was taken, tag other users by using an @ symbol followed by another user’s name, or include a # to tag their photo. You may comment on anyone’s photos or like their photos by double-tapping the image.

With more than 15 different filters, a brightness option, and different frames, users have enough options to perfect any photo. Every photo posted to Instagram is square shaped; meant to mimic the Kodak Instamatic or the original Polaroid.

Join the 30-million users who already have accounts on Instagram and get connected. Invite your friends from Facebook, find friends who already use Instagram, or encourage other Tweeters to follow you on Instagram.

If you’re searching for a simple, easy-to-use photo filter and sharing app – you’ve ‘gotta have Instagram.

Download the app here: instagr.am

Instagram photos provided by Instagram user: LittleMissLovely.

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