Since 1890, the Trimper family has been providing Ocean City visitors and locals with some of the best amusements the Boardwalk can offer. For 122 years, the Trimper’s have been creating, maintaining, and improving their beachside amusement park.

Throughout the years, numerous rides have been added and renovated to meet modern expectations. Some parts of the park date back to the 1920’s. All rides are kept in excellent working condition and are immaculately restored and cared for.
In April, the Trimper family debuted their newest ride, Gran Ville Station, to the public. Gran Ville Train Station is located in the historic carousel building right off the boards. The train ride features a large waterfall that spill from the top of a rock mountain beside an old mining tunnel. The waterfall spills and splashes into a pond surrounded by plants.
A bright red and yellow train carries riders through the mid-western setting and along the tracks inside of the historic building. Interested visitors can sift through sands looking for treasures next to the train station. Hidden gems, rocks, and surprises can be found in the sandy area. Participants can purchase their found treasures and place them in a keepsake bag as a memento.
The animated shooting gallery and the bumper cars also experienced some renovations during the off-season. The targets at the shooting gallery were repainted as well as the murals surrounding the Big Dodgem Bumper Cars track. Neon paint, that lights up under black lights, was added to the murals.
Rides have been rearranged to accommodate Gran Ville Station. The older, smaller, kiddie train ride that once occupied the space of the Station is now located outside near the Tidal Wave roller coaster. Outdoor rides have been a part of Trimper’s Amusements since the 1950’s. New rides, indoors or outdoors, are added each year.
Some favorite rides at Trimper’s include the double-looping boomerang roller coaster, Tidal Wave, the original Himalaya, and the Rock & Roll Matterhorn ride. Guests must purchase tickets to enjoy the rides. Other amusements and classic boardwalk games are located inside of the Trimper’s area, also. 
Many local construction experts, electricians, builders, and artists worked together to help create the updated scenery at Trimper’s. After several months of planning, the project took only a few weeks to complete.
Trimper’s Amusements are open for the rest of the season. Go catch a ride on the new Gran Ville train and enjoy your time at the historic amusement park on the boardwalk this season in Ocean City.
Check out the photo gallery below to see pictures of the recent renovations. Visit the Trimper’s Rides Facebook Page for constant updates about rides, events, and ongoing history features about the boardwalk staple. 
*All photos from the Trimper’s Rides FacebookPage.