How was the OC Air Show this year? What'd you think of it? We thought the Air Show was awesome! Anyone in Ocean City over the weekend most likely had a blast watching these planes, jets, and bombers soar more than 10,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. They did cork screws, huge loops, stall outs, engine kills, and so many other tricky maneuvers. "Ohhhh"s and "Ahhhhh"s were heard across the beach as the pilots pivoted through the air. 

ShoreBread was lucky enough to have 3 photographers on site to take pictures. Ocean City photographers, Natalee DeHart, Ami Reist, and Chris Maust snapped photos as they chased the planes across the horizon over the weekend. Check out the 2012 OC Air Show ShoreBread album in our gallery for more, high quality photos. Enjoy!

Following photos: ©Ami Reist

Following photos: ©Chris Maust





Following photos: ©Natalee DeHart

For more photos of the 2012 OC Air Show, check out the ShoreBread Gallery.