We are lucky to be surrounded by so much agriculture here on the shore.  Especially this time of year, produce abounds in farmer’s markets.  Sometimes, however, we forget about the other forms of agriculture that we are blessed with.  Poultry and seafood are two huge industries that may come to mind.  A smaller industry that we may not think of often is the dairy industry.  We still have one remaining dairy farm in Worcester County and it is right outside of Berlin.

Chesapeake Bay Farms is unique because they have complete control over all aspects of production.  From the corn that they grow for feed to the milking to the packaging- they do it all.  Their 250 cows live in free stall beds and graze in open air pastures.  This is a luxury not afforded to big industry, commercial cows.  You will be able to taste this detail in the milk.  It has an earthy and fresh flavor to it.  I promise you that only happy cows could have made this milk!  The Grade A milk that they produce is also synthetic hormone and antibiotic free-a huge plus.

When you go to their storefront on Rt 50, go on an empty stomach.  I’m warning you.  The ice cream scoops are gigantic and you will want to finish every drop.  You won’t be able to resist their homemade waffle cones because the smell of them being freshly made will enthrall you.  The coffee ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans is heavenly.  They have picnic tables outside where you can eat and let the kids stretch their legs on your way into town.  You can even visit the cows if you are lucky.  Local businesses can buy the ice cream wholesale so it making it’s way around the area.  I’m not sure if they all will give you such huge portions though.  Definitely a huge bang for your buck!

Along with freshly made ice cream, Chesapeake Bay Farms also sells homemade gourmet cheeses, chocolate truffles, milk, and butter.  They also feature local seafood.  This is a great place to get live crabs which saves you a ton of money and lets you season them as you wish.  Steaming your own crabs is definitely something every Eastern Shore family should experience in the summer.  This will make you a true local.

Stop in to Chesapeake Bay Farms and you can talk to the farmers about their cows.  They have been doing this for generations and know what they are talking about.  You can get some delicious dairy products while you are at it!