Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated across the United States. This holiday takes place every year on July 4th, no matter what day of the week it may fall on. The celebrations that take place on the Fourth of July commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. On July 4th of 1776, the United States declared independence from Great Britain.

As our yards become launching pads for fireworks, our grills produce delicious smells of cooking, our children cover their faces in patriotic face paints, and our towns are taken over by marching bands in parades, let’s remember America’s traditions and the importance of Independence Day.
Every July 4th from 1776 and on was filled with parties, patriotic displays, and a day of celebration and relaxation. Independence Day is linked to fireworks, parades, and red, white, and blue decorations. The coastal streets of Ocean City are speckled with spots of America’s colors; red, white, and blue.
If you’re looking for Fireworks, there are still plenty scheduled for Wednesday night. Check out this ShoreBread article for show start times and locations. Ocean City, Bethany Beach, and Rehoboth Beach all plan to launch fireworks on July 4th.
Enjoy a day off of work or working in the sunshine while remembering our nation’s heritage, obeying local laws, respecting history, valuing our society, and enjoying the company of our people. We are lucky to live in a land of independence.  Cheers to the United States’ forefathers who fought for the freedom and independence that we cherish to this day.
Check out the gallery below for photos of freedom and individuals enjoying Ocean City, sporting patriotic gear, and having fun on Independence Day.
Photos by Ami Reist.