With new shops and restaurants opening each month in Berlin, countless more people are discovering the charm that this small town has to offer.  Where else can you stroll down Main Street after a morning at the beach, get a horse and buggy ride, and see bath tubs racing down the street?  During the summer months, it offers an escape from the crowds of Ocean City- a respite where you can still find a good meal.  One of those places is the historic Globe Theater. The 100 year old building has served as a horseless carriage house, black and white movie theater, café and book store, and now full service restaurant and bar.  They still offer most of your favorites but have just released a new menu last week with a couple of new items to get your taste buds singing.

Full disclosure- I work there as a server.  
First and most importantly, the Eastern Shore Shrimp Salad is back.  Whole shrimp, mixed with corn fresh from the cob and plenty of old bay, is served on a Kaiser roll with homemade tortilla chips.  The chips are delicious with a side of homemade salsa.  People have already come in specifically because this is back on the menu. The returning item that I think I am most excited about is a mere side dish.  Just because it is served on the side should not detract from its necessity in my diet.  The item to which I am referring is the Boursin Spinach.  It is simply Boursin cheese and spinach and is served with the Salmon Dinner.  Delicious.  It makes for a decadent vegetable choice.  Dark green, leafy vegetables are healthy though, right?  
Two completely new items are the London Broil entrée and London Broil Steak Sandwich.  The sandwich is served on Ciabatta bread from local bakery, Crack of Dawn, with blue cheese crumbles and a homemade horseradish sauce.  This is already a popular item. The Crab Croustade appetizer is my new favorite.  It is the crab cake recipe, a lot of meat-not a lot of filler, on a baguette, with fresh tomatoes, basil, and parmesan cheese. 
I still think my overall favorites are the Tuna Tacos. I have admittedly been on a fish taco kick for some reason this summer, but these offer an alternative to the white, flaky fish option most traditionally chosen for tacos.  Fresh, sushi-grade tuna in a soft taco, with spinach, mozzarella, and wasabi mayo complement each other surprisingly well. Order it rare, blackened, and with sweet potato fries and you will not be disappointed.  
Another new addition this summer will be a Farmer’s Market Feature on the special sheet.  This weekend, Chef Duane Douglas found green tomatoes at the Berlin Farmer’s Market and created some delicious dishes.  A fried green tomato appetizer with vanilla balsamic reduction and a fried green tomato BLT were very tasty, seasonal, and supported a local farmer.        
With the summer food menu, comes a new summer drink menu. Like the food menu, the drink menu still has the same backbone of local favorites but adds a couple of new summer treats to the mix. One of my favorites is a traditional mojito with fresh mint. There isn’t much better on a hot, summer day than a refreshing mojito. Syrupy imitation mixes are no substitute for the real thing so are best enjoyed in season. I’m also obsessed with St. Germain Elderflower liquor.  It is refreshing, light, and easy to drink. The Globe has a couple of drinks featuring Elderflower but a new drink, the Hummingbird, features this liquor with Champagne. It is so delicious. You can order it in a single serving or a large carafe to share- or not.  
The Globe has also revamped its beer offerings, adding ten new taps and a new cooler to keep the drafts ice cold.  They will feature local brews from Burley Oak, Evo, and Dogfishhead along with some staples like Natty Boh.  If none of this strikes your fancy, you can always get a Bloody Mary featuring the famous, George’s Bloody Mary Mix, created by resident barkeep Gregory. It is honestly the only mix I don’t have to add anything to- and I like my Bloody Marys to be as thick as cocktail sauce.                           
With these delicious and unique food offerings, the atmosphere at the Globe is equally unique.  Sit in the theater and watch an old movie while you dine, have a drink at the Coppertop Bar, or sit upstairs on the comfortable couches with friends for a casual diner. Come visit on Tuesday nights for a Free Family Movie or Wednesday nights for Free Team Trivia. It seems like something is always going on there. I just heard an advertisement for Berlin that said, “Berlin is not just for old people anymore.” This made me laugh, but I guess they are right. Berlin may just be the new hotspot!
Photo of The Globe's team during Friday's Berlin Bathtub Races, taken by Chris Maust.