This is it.  You’ve made your list and checked it twice. The car is packed to the hilt; the kids contained like sardines. You pull out of the driveway before dawn, to get on your way before millions of others. But this just isn’t any other road trip—this is your one-week excursion to your home away from home, Ocean City, MD.

The kids are beyond excited—and let’s face it, you’re excited—there’s no sleeping even though the sun isn’t yet up. You may be traveling from places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, or Baltimore. You could be getting away from a crazy schedule with too much to do. But all of that changes once you cross either bridge into Ocean City. Smell the salty air; hear the crashing of the waves, and it all erases. It may only be one week—but it’s your week, and it’s vacation!

Now, the only thing that could truly wreck this picture of utter contented bliss is…the weather, specifically rainy weather. And it shouldn’t be too much of a concern; it’s been a hot and sunny summer with record high temperatures so far. But just in case, Shorebread has compiled a list of options so that if you happen to get caught in one or two days when the clouds open up and rain on your vacation parade, you won’t have to panic, or get stuck in your hotel room. Get out and enjoy the activities you may otherwise have overlooked, in favor of the perfect beach day.

Shorebread’s Vacation Respite from the Rain Guide:

1. The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, Boardwalk

Step back in time and see Ocean City from its inception, when it was once called the Ladies Resort at the Ocean. See a surf exhibit, listen to the haunting sounds of Laughing Sal, who was once a Boardwalk fixture, and view artifacts uncovered from many of the coast’s famous shipwrecks. The museum also offers free children’s programs.

2.  Also on the Boardwalk, Trimper’s indoor rides; suitable for smaller children, and home to a 1902 Carousel. Old-fashioned fun—who would have thought the Boardwalk was an option in the rain?


3.  And two more from the famous promenade: At Playland, satisfy your children’s desire for videogames at this huge indoor arcade.


4.  At Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, witness oddities galore, and ask yourself: what’s truly real?


5.  Uptown on 118th st., the Carousel has it’s own indoor ice-skating rink! Shows are offered daily, as are times for open-skate. The Carousel also has an indoor arcade.

6.  Also located uptown are Ocean City’s two movies theaters. Fox Theater at the Gold Coast Mall is on 114th St., while Carmike Cinemas are on 142nd St. for showtimes.


7.  Old Pro Golf on 68th and 136th has indoor golf courses. The Safari Golf course on 136th is newly built.

8.  If shopping is more your speed, locally owned surf shops and contemporary fashion retailers dot coastal highway. Try K-Coast on 36th, Chancey’s on 28th or 54th, Malibu’s on 8th and the Boardwalk for surf gear and clothing; Raggamuffin on 26th st. and South Moon Under on 81st for contemporary fashion.


9.  Or, if you don’t mind driving a short distance for deals, Tanger Outlets has a center in West Ocean City just across the 50 Bridge.

10. Just a little further out, you could visit the Assateague Visitor’s Center, an indoor complex that offers the history of the famous barrier island, and it’s wildlife and marine life, inhabitants. Perfect for an educational, yet fun option on a rainy day.

11.  And lastly, if you’d like to escape the traffic, head to Berlin, MD, a quaint historic town with art galleries, antiques stores, retailers, toy stores, bakeries, and quite a few restaurants. Runaway Bride was filmed there, as was Tuck Everlasting.

And that’s what Shorebread suggests to beat the rainy day blues.