Everyone who knows of Feng Shui knows it’s all about creating positive energy. This energy is not just created in the home; it starts with your attitude towards life. If you are open to all the good karma in the world to come to you, it certainly is more likely to happen. Never close the door to believing that anything is possible. You have to be open-minded, so ‘old school’ thinking is out. Common sense thinking can work to your advantage just by simply understanding Feng Shui and the power of colors to help improve your success rate.

First, I want you to stand in front of your closet. What kind of energy is coming from it? Is it loaded down with things you never wear? Does it look like a bomb exploded; have a stagnant feeling; is colorless? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a little work to do.

Most of us only wear 20 percent of our clothing. That leaves the other 80 percent of it just hanging around taking up space. While doing Feng Shui Consultations I always teach that the number one place to start is by clearing clutter and getting rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose. This unnecessary “stuff ” creates a weighed down energy and letting it go lightens you up. This space clearing creates new opportunities to come your way. Try it, you’ll see.

Sometimes you forget your closet is part of your living space. How does it look? Does it need painted or decorated? How does it smell? I hope not like mothballs! Paint it your favorite color; hang a picture you like—give it a positive make over. Everything holds energy so create good vibes. These little changes can make a big difference.

Now that you have created a positive space let’s talk about clothes that you will want to start wearing. Silk and cotton are the most comfortable and breathable materials to wear. Your comfort level affects your wellbeing. You know how it feels when you wear something you love. Your mood is so much better!

These are some colors to consider wearing that will inspire confidence and can help to motivate you closer to your career goals:

  • Red strengthens self-confidence and gets you noticed. It helps to attract fame. This fire color is considered to be the luckiest.
  • Green makes you feel more hopeful and attracts money. Wear green to improve financial success.
  • White helps with mental clarity and focus. Wear white when you have difficult mental tasks to tackle.
  • Black or dark blue can help to improve communication. These colors work best when worn with white—an excellent choice of color combination to wear to a job interview. These colors are more serious so they work well for public speaking and meetings, also.
  • Light blue keeps you calm under pressure. It is a serene color if you have a high stress level at work. It will help you to work more effectively.
  • Brown is the color of the earth. This makes you feel more rooted or grounded. You seem more trusting and so this makes a good choice to wear if you need take a loan from a bank, for instance.

I wish you much success with how you dress. If you would like a class or private consultation on Feng Shui solutions for your home or business please email me at luckygirlchristy@comcast.net

In 1999, I received my certification training from Feng Shui master and author David Kennedy. I highly suggest his books if you would like an easy to understand and more in-depth way of learning more about this ancient art and how it can create more abundance in your life.