The 2012 Dew Tour in Ocean City officially ended last night. After a perfect weekend, the Dew Tour is being disassembled on Dorchester Street right now.  ShoreBread’s got lots of photos to share, a few words from Dew Tour winners, and memories from the tour galore.

Cloudy skies couldn’t dampen the action at Skate Bowl Finals yesterday at the Pantech Beach Championships.  Pedro Barros took the win for the second consecutive year in Ocean City. Barros tore apart the concrete bowl, airing a huge alley-oop indy over the hip, followed by a massive 540. He also attacked the coping with an alley-oop fakie frontside 50-50 grind and a Smith grind around the deep end corner. Pantech athlete Bucky Lasek and Ben Hatchell completed the podium.

“It feels amazing to win again in Ocean City,” said Barros.  “There’s something about the energy here, it’s been really good to me.  I am stoked to win a second time.”

Spectators packed the stands for the BMX Park Finals to watch the top six riders compete for the overall title.  Brett Banasiewicz put down the winning run in his first run, maintaining the top spot throughout the contest.  His run included a front flip no hander, 360 triple whip and cash roll on the step down and held off close competition from Kyle Baldock and Scotty Cranmer, who finished insecond and third, respectively.

“I’m really excited that I finally won a big park contest and what better place than the Pantech Beach Championships,” said Banasiewicz.  “I was so glad to ride clean and solid for all three runs.”

For the first time at the Dew Tour, athletes in skate and BMX competed in Mega 2.0. 12-year-old skateboard prodigy Tom Schaar landed a 1080 under the lights to shut down the Pantech Beach Championships in Ocean City.  He preceded the 1080 with a frontside lien 180.  Schaar’s run gave him a solid lead over second place finisher Elliot Sloan.  Bob Burnquist rounded out the podium in third place.

“I’m so stoked,” said Schaar, after gaining the win in his third event of the weekend.  “I’m a little tired after skating in all these events, and I didn’t expect to do this well since I didn’t get a lot of practice on the ramp.  I guess I got a little lucky.”  Schaar first landed the 1080 five months ago, and is still the only skateboarder to successfully complete the trick.

Check out the Dew Tour photos below by Ami Reist…

A large crowd enters the Dew Tour on Thursday morning.

A man on stilts rocked a Dew Tour t-shirt as he entertained a large crowd waiting to enter the Dew Tour on Thursday.

Final touches were still being placed on the Mega Ramp on Thursday morning. Several storms halted work earlier in the week.

Young skaters stepped up to a vertical challenge during the Free Flow Tour.

Ocean City local, Matt Dove, competed in the Free Flow Tour’s skate bowl competition on Thursday.


The following photos are by Chris Maust…

The Dew Tour continues on for its City stop in San Francisco October 18-21 and will culminate in December in Breckenridge, Colo. for the Mountain stop of the 2012 season.

The complete 2012 Dew Tour schedule is as follows:

  • Pantech Beach Championships, August 16th – 19th in Ocean City, MD
  • Toyota City Championships, October 18th – 21st in San Francisco, California
  • Mountain Championships, December 13th – 16th in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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