It make sense. Never before has there been a free video chat service that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats (with as many as 10 people). Yes, Google+ Hangouts is similar to Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Video Chat, but Hangouts focuses more on group interactions as opposed to strictly one-on-one conversations. Best part about Google+ Hangouts? It’s ability to seamlessly and automatically switch focus to the person who is talking as they speak from the individual who was talking prior. Pretty rad, right? We think so.

Google+ Hangouts targets 3 different types of users:

Those interested in catching up with family

  • Hangouts can let you catch up with your friends and family. The app works on all home computers or as part of the Google+ mobile app on mobile devices. Up to 10 people can joining a hangout and it’s easy to invite select users from  your groups of friends or Google+ Circles.

Those interested in using Google+ Hangouts for business meetings.

  • Because you can chat with up to 10 people via Google+ Hangout, this app is perfect for business conference calls and virtual meetings. This app takes boring old video chats with colleagues to a whole new level. Google+ Hangouts is also great for sharing pictures, videos, and presentations, too.

Those who want to broadcast their thoughts live to a mostly anonymous audience.

  • Just check the box next to ‘Enable Hangouts On Air’ and your Google+ Hangout session will be streamed live publicly on your Google+ profile, your YouTube channel, and your website. While conducting your live hangout session you can see how many people are watching live, too. After your finished stating your conversation virtually, Google+ Hangouts will upload a public recording to your YouTube channel and create a Google+ post so you can share the session if you so wish.

We, at ‘Gotta Have This, highly suggest downloading this app and staying connected.

Download the Google+ app for Android and for iPhone. Google+ Hangouts is available from inside the Google+ app. Download the free app in the app store today. For more information, check out Google+ Hangouts on Google+.

Written by Ami Reist.