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It seems like Instagram addicts have finally gotten their way! For months, many users have been asking the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app to create web profiles. It’s actually happened.

One week ago, Instagram announced that they’ve incorporated web-based profiles for all users. Web profiles feature a nicely displayed selection of recently shared photographs as a header image (right about the profile photo and bio) that looks very similar to that of Facebook’s cover photo… except Instagram’s header has transitioning photos!

To view your profile, search for a friend, or find a business’ Instagram profile just type the following into your web URL bar…

www.instagram.com/<insert user name here>

You’ll be directed to all of their quirky photos immediately.

Instagram profiles allow users to share their information and photos with others. You can share your profile with anyone you wish. Users may also comment, like, and delete photos easily from their computers now, too. Users who have ‘Public’ profiles are visible to anyone – whether they have Instagram or not. If you have a ‘Private’ profile, only those users who you have allowed to follow you will be able to see your images.

We love that fact that now there’s yet one more social network to link to your website, blog, Facebook page, or whatever else you desire linkage to… Many businesses are adding Instagram buttons that link to their Instagram profiles on their websites right next to Facebook buttons, Twitter buttons, Flickr buttons, email buttons – and all of the other social media sites. It’s just one more way to stay connected.

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