Headphones, ear speakers, can, earphones, ear buds… Whatever you call them, the small loudspeakers meant to relay music to your ears are essential to many individuals. In settings like the gym, at the office, or while running errands by foot, some music-lovers want to play their music nonstop in a discrete manner. It’s important to have the best buds for your ears if you plan to listen 24/7. What if you had a pair of headphones that automatically picked up calls from your cell phone, pulled your music from you iPod, and synced with your Bluetooth seamlessly?

The LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset does all of the above – and its comfortable, too. The high-quality audio experience combines your favorite music with Bluetooth technology.

The LG Tone fits around your neck, not over your head where most headsets lay. Traditional headphones often put pressure on the ears making them very uncomfortable. The LG Tone headset does not. Its design is an innovative improvement compared other headphone or ear bud predecessors.

The stereo Bluetooth headset is perfect for wireless music, plus some. The Bluetooth technology pulls calls, interrupts your music, and announces that you have a call. All music and call controls are located on the neck strap. There is no need to touch your synched cell phone to answer a call or switch songs or albums. The water-resistant device has a free SMS Reader app for Android and iPhones that reads your incoming text messages in real-time as well.

According to Amazon.com, the LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo headset is the ‘#1 Bluetooth Best Seller’ for 2012. The headset typically retails for $69.99 but can be purchased on Amazon.com for just $45.99.

Written by Ami Reist.