The Town of Ocean City is welcoming Latin dancers and Latin dance enthusiasts to an ‘Evening of Art in Motion’ at the Art League of Ocean City, with locally acclaimed dance collective, the “Salisbury Salsa Socials” set to host Salsa Socials at the Center for the Arts, located at 94th Street, on April 19th. The evening will begin with a 45-minute instructional on basic Latin dance steps before the dance floor opens up for social dancing. Salsa Socials attract people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels from the 23-year-old beginner to the 45-year-old retired professional.

“Our socials have a reputation of providing a clean, respectful and fun-filled environment¬† where people can come and learn what has been wildly popularized on television shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” We have had entire families come out and enjoy an evening of dancing and smiles! Our event in Ocean City promises to be a blast as we¬† hope to introduce our local dance community to the transient dancers that come to the beach on vacation and will also give our tourists the opportunity to experience the local social culture that our local community creates. We anticipate that the dynamic nature of the beach traffic will add another bit of spice to our Salsa Scene!” – Mimi Geamu, Salsa Social Chair

Salsa Socials provide a platform for the local dancers to learn and perfect the art of dance on the Eastern Shore. The Salsa Socials started when a small group of dancers in Salisbury who traveled across the bridge almost weekly to go Salsa dancing came to the conclusion that they would rather invest their money on the Eastern Shore developing the social dance culture here, then drive to DC and Baltimore. So, the Salisbury Salsa Socials were born! The socials started with a once-month event on Sundays and to date have grown to a core group of approximately 35 local dancers and it continues to grow daily. The socials not only promote the art of dance, but have found a wonderful way of using the arts to drive local economies by hosting socials at various venues and generating thousands of dollars in new sales.

The Salisbury Salsa Socials are happy to partner with the Art League of Ocean City to provide this new and exciting service to the local and tourist community in Ocean City.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mimi regarding the Arts in Motion at the Ocean Salsa Social at 443.880.7799 or email