The weekend was full of Dew Tour fun in Ocean City, from the concerts to the crowds to the big wins. This was the 4th year for the Dew Tour in Ocean City, an event that has easily become a summer staple in the resort town. According to Dew Tour staff, the Dew Tour made history this year when it hit a record high attendance of 105,000 attendees. We joined in the fun of course, taking photos and enjoying the finals competitions. Jamie Bestwick made history as well this weekend with his 10th consecutive BMX Vert win. We were thrilled of course to see Baltimore native Bucky Lasek win the Skate Bowl Dew Cup. “It was great to have the bowl here in Ocean City once again, the new design was really fun for us to skate and I was really able to explode out of it,” said Lasek. “The superfinal had a pretty diverse range of skaters, and it was cool skating with these young kids who push me to be better.”

X Vert Championships Final Results

1. Jamie Bestwick, Great Britain, 90.75. 2. Vince Byron, Australia, 90.00. 3. Simon Tabron, Great Britain, 86.00. 4. Mykel Larrin, Racine, Wis., 82.75. 5. Francisco Zurita, Chile, 82.00. 6. Colton Satterfield, Salt Lake City, Utah, 81.50. 7. Jimmy Walker, Chicago, Ill., 81.50. 8: Zachary Newman, Frankfort, Ky., 80.00. 9. Douglas Leite de Oliveiera, Brazil, 73.50. 10. Steven McCann, Australia, 61.00.

 Skateboard Bowl Super Final Results:

1. Bucky Lasek, Baltimore, Md., 88.50. 2. Tom Schaar, Malibu, Calif., 84.50. 3. Cory Juneau, San Diego, Calif., 81.87. 4. Kevin Kowalski, Portland, Ore., 80.75. 5. Alex Sorgente, Lake Worth, Fla., 78.25.

Park Championships Final Results 

1. Andy Buckworth, Lake Haven, Australia, 91.75.  2.Ryan Nyquist, Santa Cruz, Calif., 91.25. 3. Dennis Enarson, La Mesa, Calif., 90.50. 4. Logan Martin, Australia, 90.00. 5. Daniel Sandoval, Corona, Calif. 6. Kyle Baldock, Australia, 89.00. 7. Scotty Cranmer, Jackson, N.J., 89.00. 8. Drew Benzanson, Canada, 88.50. 9. Michael Varga, Canada, 88.00. 10. Tyler Fernengel, Detroit, Mich., 84.25.

Skateboard Vert Championships Final Results

1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Canada, 94:00. 2. Jimmy Wilkins, Columbus, OH, 90:00. 3. Sandro Dias, Brazil, 82.75. 4. Paul-luc Ronchetti, Great Brittan, 81.75. 5. Marcelo Bastos, Brazil, 73:00.

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