Earlier this week, we decided to escape from the office for the afternoon and spend a few hours in the quaint ocean town of Lewes, DE. We could barely stand the cuteness of the historic downtown strip. From the cobblestone streets and giant hydrangea bushes in front of every cottage to the dog boutiques and quite possibly the most dainty candy shop we’ve stumbled upon lately, we were in another world… a world only an hour away from the office.

Our most favorite part of the day you ask? Our lunch at the always delicious Agave. The food and the spectacular reviews speak for itself but we stopped in to check out the tiny Mexican eatery nonetheless. Just as we remembered, Agave in Lewes Delaware delivers every.single.time. Plus… since we’re on this stellar Mexican kick we figured why stop now?

When you first walk in be prepared to be distracted by the merchandise on display… fresh salsa, salsa verde, chips and their homemade desserts (sky high meringue) for sale as well as their hand-painted custom margarita glasses for purchase. There will most likely be a wait… lunch or dinner. We suggest heading to the bar, where the full menu is offered along with cozy stools and a great view of the restaurant! Although we must admit that the corner tables in the window are worth every second of your time. We also heard there is an upstairs bar with an adorable outdoor area where you can wait for your table and sip on a few pre-dinner cocktails. The options are seemingly endless for drinks as there are more than 70 varieties of distilled agave tequila that adorn the shelves behind the bar.

Now onto the best part…the food. For appetizers we suggest starting your meal with their homemade salsa (there are three different kinds!). Or opt for the guacamole. The choices are endless with tomato and onion, goat cheese and pine nuts, shrimp and garlic, gala apple and midnight moon cheese or roasted pumpkin seed and aged gouda. For entrees, we’ve had success with the veggie burrito, which is filled to the brim with sweet corn, black beans and local farmer’s market veggies as well as the soft shell steak taco and chicken enchiladas. Prepare to bring some home because their portions are huge and you’ll be hard pressed not to fill up on the addicting salsa and chips.

We can’t get enough of Agave’s captivating atmosphere and authentic Mexican cuisine, making each trip well worth the drive…and the wait. Besides, is it really that torturous drinking one of their delicious margaritas in their upstairs garden area while you wait? Heck no. We’ll be back, and next time when we’re not on the clock! This time with a DD and a few of our friends.

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