While the stream of vacationers slowly dwindles with the approach of autumn, there is an influx of travelers, namely students, returning to the Shore. With school beginning for many collegiate and other students this week, ShoreBread thought we would gather some helpful hints from current SU students and alumni to help with the upcoming school year.

SU senior Darryle Smith II told us his three college survival tips:

1. Form study groups when studying for tests

 2. Develop a relationship with your professors and go to their office hours for help

 3. Manage your time wisely

I wish someone had told me to plan out the classes needed for my major. Waiting until the last minute to take required classes means you can’t take all the fun ones you will want to take later in college.- Betsy Roderick

 Just stop, sit back in your chair and look at what work you have to do. Don’t be stressed out by all of the assignments and instead, logically plan out your work schedule. – Guy Metzler

 I know it’s cliché, but take it all in- the time truly flies. It’s also the only time in your life when all of your best friends live within a 5-mile radius so take advantage of those unnecessary late nights and just soak it all in. Make the most of every opportunity, branch out and don’t take anything too seriously. Have fun and don’t let a moment go to waste! –Andrew Cantor

My advice would be to try and stay as organized as possible and have good time management! If students can master that, then it will be much easier to manage school work and a social life… and save all of your work on a flash drive, always. –Brittany Jackson

ShoreBread suggests making the most of your experience by hitting the books, getting enough sleep, having fun, meeting new friends and get that diploma!