We had a blast at the Berlin Fiddler’s Convention (as you already know),  but something caught our eye as we were walking down Main Street…the cutest mint green and cream colored food truck parked along the sidewalk. With the word ‘sweet’ emblazoned on the side, we couldn’t help but gravitate towards the retro-mobile for a closer look.

Kate Russell and Gina Servant, owners of Seashell Sweets, came up with the idea after wanting to start a business where they could be flexible while producing and selling something that they are passionate about.  The idea only popped into their heads in April 2014 and after their adorable retro camper was brought to life, Russell and Servant jumped head first into the food truck business in early July. Seashell Sweets sells a wide array of local goodies that ShoreBread (and we’re sure others) crave daily. Some of the items they sell include Chesapeake Bay Ice Cream, butter, cheese and milk, as well as Hershey’s prepackaged ice cream. But what’s EVEN better is their homemade specialties- baked goods, caramels, doughnuts, different candies and even homemade dog and cat treats.

They also effectively transport customers back in time with their nostalgic retro camper. “Everybody loves this camper, it makes conversation,” said Russell. “Even if someone doesn’t buy anything, they are coming up and taking pictures. It just generates so much conversation.” They also take you back time with their soda-pop bottles and rock candies that decorate the front window. “We love to play Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to keep the theme,” said Servant. “It attracts people of all ages. They just love it. The older generation feels like they are living it all over again.”

In addition to setting up shop at several upcoming fall events such as Pocomoke Fall Fest and Berlin Octoberfest, they are also growing their farmer’s market presence. “We are so excited to be included in the Ocean Pines Farmer’s Market, we are coming every Saturday that we don’t have an event,” said Servant. In addition to the farmers markets, Seashell Sweets is doing birthday parties, fundraisers and weddings. “No request is too small,” said Russell. “We will work with parties to do their theme.” They are truly catering to their customer’s needs, by even picking up custom specialty items from Chesapeake Bay Farms through requests on Facebook.

Even their daughter’s help can’t go unnoticed; Brittany and Emma, both 16 years old, have given their expertise to their moms. “They are so tech savvy and have been helping us on multiple social media platforms, they’ve really helped us grow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” said Russell.

So be on the lookout for Seashell Sweet’s retro camper at the next few fall festivals, as they are growing at a rapid pace and catering to tons of people around the area.

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