Local artists will descend upon Berlin this Friday for the typical 2nd Friday Art Stroll merriment, but with an added bonus this month. Berlin Arts & Entertainment presents their 2nd annual group art show, Medium, at The Globe this Friday, January 9, at 6pm. The show brings together several artists from across the Eastern Shore, showcasing their talents in one space, all to benefit Berlin Arts & Entertainment.

The show follows last year’s successful inaugural event, the ‘Small Things’ art show. This year’s theme focuses on utilizing various mediums, challenging artists to be creative, inventive and resourceful by using out-of-the-ordinary mediums to create their artwork. Some of the materials used by the artists are newsprint, recycled magazines, copper, stained glass, feathers, carved wood from indigenous trees, prints carved and pressed from linoleum, locally roasted coffee, skateboard decks, and more. There will also be some traditional mediums, with artists expressing different interpretations and plays on the word ‘medium.’

Artists for this year’s show include: Matt Dove; Stephanie Karn; Patti Backer; Brian Robertson; Mark Huey; Tres Denk; Andy Smith; Brianna Leryn Pleasant; Debbie Dean-Colley; Molly Pratt; Marcie Kent; Erin Herman; Jason Wharton; Scott Golley; Rachel Alvarez; Cesar Chavez; JB Bunting; Tom Hogan; Ami Reist; and the Refresh Media Team.

“This is my first Berlin Art Show so I am really excited to share the gallery space with so many talented local artists,” said local artist Erin Herman. “Additionally, I think the theme of “medium” has so many creative facets that it is sure to inspire some interesting pieces. My submission is a diptych (meaning one complete piece made up of two paintings) and it is titled “Medium Well.” The two canvases are each made of different material; one is stretched canvas and the other is stretched burlap, however they both contain the same subject matter: one longhorn skull. ”

Ocean City artist and local graphic designer Marcie Kent will also be featured in the show, choosing to draw upon her own artistic inspirations for her piece. “As a graphic designer, I’m inspired by clean black and white graphics and the clever reverse imagery of artists like M.C. Escher, whose bird pattern serves as a herringbone background for the bird in my piece. The black birds are moving downward and the white upward to represent hope and moving in a positive direction. Feather accents are meant to add dimension and softness to the severe edges and solid color palette.”

“I am excited to see all the artwork of course, but for me, I like conversing with the other artists that will be attending the opening,” said local artist Brian Robertson. “This is a rarity,  as a participant of a 2nd Friday Art Stroll you do not a get a chance to stroll and visit other artists because you are busy working at your own show. Its cold in January. Who wants to walk around town in 30 degree weather? Its nice to have it all in one place this time of year.” Robertson, a general member of Berlin Arts & Entertainment, worked with local artist Mark Huey to organize this year’s show.

With twenty local artists gathered in one spot, you can bet you will be seeing us there. As Robertson aptly stated, what better way to spend a cold, winter evening then inside, enjoying local art?! For those of you who can’t make it, stay tuned for pictures posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Not following us? Look for @ShoreBread.