When we first spoke with Plak That owner Wyatt Harrison, we saw a young entrepreneur fostering a marketable idea into a viable business. Just one year later, that business is thriving, both on the local and national level, with an expanded portfolio, strong ties to the local community, and what will undoubtedly be another banner holiday season. What’s the latest from Plak That Printing Co.? Let’s take a look…

Handmade with Love

For those of you who are new to the Plak That game, let’s take a brief crash course in the Plak That brand. Started by Ocean City native Wyatt Harrison in 2012, Plak That’s humble beginnings can be traced back to the days when Harrison was working at local boardwalk surf shop, Malibu’s. “I was in California visiting my brother and while we were at dinner I looked up and saw this alcohol sign but it was printed on wood,” remembers Harrison. “I took it off the wall and called the manufacturer.” Harrison immediately envisioned Malibu’s owner Lee Gerachis’s photography on the wooden planks. It wasn’t long before the wood prints were on display in the shop. To no surprise, they were a hit. “Then one day this man came in and said, ‘these are so cool! Can you print one of my family?’ I went home that night and made my website” said Harrison. That was October 2012. Since then, you could safely say Plak That has become a local phenomenon.

From: Me, To: You

Plak That caught on quickly in the gift and home décor sectors, which stands to reason since the wood prints are 100% custom and incredibly unique. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, baby showers…name the occasion and there is a Plak That gift to fit its needs. Each wooden print is made locally in West Ocean City with the help of the massive print machine that dominates the Plak That work space. Customers can choose a standard image (i.e. the Maryland flag) or upload one of their own photos to the website. The machine prints the photos directly on custom, sustainable wood. Of course, as the business gained traction, Harrison found himself thinking beyond the gift market, which spurred him to partner with other local businesses to create unique signage, menu boards, and even table toppers.

Small Businesses Supporting Small Businesses

In addition to wood prints, Plak That Printing Co. can also print on acrylic and aluminum, which Harrison pointed out has been a terrific option for a more corporate business environment where prints on custom wood might not fit as well. Harrison and the Plak That team have also been hard at work churning out signage, menu boards, and even tables for local businesses. Harrison produced tables for both Juice Shack and Fat Fish this summer, along with signage for both businesses. For Fat Fish, Harrrison also created menu boards, printing white ink on flat black so that the staff could still use white chalk to write in changing prices and specials. Acrylic light box insert signage is also an option, as seen at Pizza Boy on the Boardwalk in OCMD. Additional signage done by Plak That can also be found at Deer Run Golf Club in Berlin, Earth Travel Apparel in WOC, and Grab and Go Taco in Fenwick, to name a few local favorites. And there’s more than just signage, Plak That has also been utilized for point of purchase displays (i.e. Hoop Tea) and table toppers (as seen at Buxy’s).

Hotel décor has also taken off recently for Harrison. For example, Princess Royale has 24, 4-ft X 5-ft wooden prints that can be found lining the hallways. “The hotel décor is really taking off,” said Harrison. “They are using local artists – all local photography which is great.” In fact, a lot of local businesses have started using local artwork to decorate their space, whether it’s a restaurant, office, or hotel. “It’s unique for them and the feedback is incredibly well received,” noted Harrison.

Tis the Season…

As summer comes to its inevitable close, most of the local businesses enjoy the chance to take a breath and regroup. For Plak That, the exact opposite is happening, as they gear up for the holiday rush. The holidays are hands down the busiest time of year at the Plak That workshop, as customers jump at the chance to give a unique, custom gift. Here’s a tip: look for BIG sales online at plakthat.com for Cyber Monday. What’s more, all orders placed on or before Cyber Monday are guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. For all other holiday orders, aim to have your order in my mid-December for pre-Christmas delivery.

Can’t Get Enough?

Want to learn more about Plak That? Take a look at their website or follow them on social media for their latest products, sales, and promotions. Check out our photo gallery of some of the latest work done by Plak That, including a custom sign made for yours truly!