‘Twas the days before Christmas in Syd Nichols house.

He was stressed out and worried, thank God for his spouse.

She’s consummately cool, on a nice even keel.

So she keeps him from being a total s@#t heel.

When they met he had found the true love of his life.

So the logical thing was to make her his wife.

They joined two families in a house full of love.

He can’t help but think there was help from above.

They had two more girls, little beauties they be.

Now he lives in a house where he sits down to pee.

The last puzzle pieces were these sweet little girls.

Then this happy couple had completed their world.

He’s a sinking ship in a sea of estrogen.

They instinctively know that they can get the best of him.

This approaching big day gives him anguish and strife.

Yet he’s definitely having the time of his life.

The budget is short for the elf from the North.

But on Christmas morn they’ll pass gifts back and forth.

If there’s sadness it’s due to the absence of their brother.

Cause he’s in Disney World with his Step Dad and Mother.

But we won’t miss him with sadness and sorrow.

As he’s boarding a ride in the Land Of Tomorrow.

His presence would complete our holiday clan.

But these little girls know that he’s a grown man.

Syd’ll gaze Christmas morn on this house full of cheer.

And know this is why he drinks vodka not beer.

Most of this I write with tongue in cheek.

But I can’t wait to see my girls get their first peek.

Of the gifts and the tree they’ll see on Christmas morn.

The excitement will be like the days they were born.

They’re all so excited for Santa’s big day.

They can’t wait to see what he brings in his sleigh.

These girls will be nestled all snug in their beds.

As Daddy pulls out hidden gifts from the shed.

In the morning this house will be pretty wild.

As Syd once again views this day like a child.

Through their innocent eyes he’ll look at this great day.

Rekindling memories that had long gone away.

He’ll think back on Christmas’ from his childhood.

And his thoughts of those days will be nothing but good.

He’ll miss the times that he spent with his Mom.

If you never met her, she sure was the bomb.

They’re building new holiday memories now.

He hopes that his girls will remember somehow.

He’ll be back next week with the year in review.

As seen through his eyes then passed on to you.

I’m sorry I wrote in third person this time.

It just seemed to fit better into this rhyme.

We have now established poetry’s not my thing.

And these words I wrote no one will ever sing.

I’m sure these won’t ever be lyrics to song.

As I say with whole heart thanks for playing along.

As I knock back my last vodka rocks for the night.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.