St. Michaels offers many great attractions when visiting the historic town. If you happen to live in St. Michaels or you are just simply visiting and exploring during a day trip or for a weekend getaway, you might want to put some extra cash in your wallet! The town of St. Michaels, MD offers a variety of boutique shops that carry some lovely and unique finds that you will not want to miss out on, especially if you are trying to get some last minute shopping done before Christmas! Here are just a few shops that St. Michaels has to offer up and down Talbot Street.

American Holiday is a local boutique in St. Michaels that sells a variety of great and unique findings. When you first walk in you will feel a sense of comfort and coziness with their great products displayed throughout the store. From clothes and accessories, to interesting books and vintage knick-knacks, you’ll fall in love with everything you can find in this shop. It won’t be hard to find that perfect gift for a friend or loved one!

American Holiday Home is one of the many sister stores that the Original American Holiday is affiliated with. Some great products that are offered are couches, lamps, centerpieces, wall art, tables and more! American Holiday Home offers design services, features many restoration and custom pieces as well as supporting local artists by featuring their artwork in this unique store. American Holiday Home offers a variety of home decor and furniture that will give your humble abode a perfect St. Michaels touch.

Knotty Living is an additional boutique added to the American Holiday line. This store offers many fashionable clothing items that are sure to make a new and improved you for the New Year! Knotty Living gives you the chance to dress up or dress down with their collection of wardrobe items fitting anyone’s style.

Preppy Redneck has many great products that are offered throughout the store with multiple sections to browse. If you are a beach bum, Preppy Redneck has so much great beach home decor and a variety of beach themed merchandise giving you the simplest taste of Eastern Shore living. You will spend hours on end looking at the variety of products this spunky and fun store has to offer.

Come by Chance will make you want to schedule a makeover for your house in the near future! Many modern pieces of furniture and home decor are displayed giving you a cozy and at-home feel when walking around this delightful shop. With many antique pieces and even other great random finds, you will not want to leave!

Now you might feel the need to go on a shopping spree but these shops are definitely worth the trip and money. There is something out there for everyone, no matter what kind of taste you have. If you’ve never been to St. Michaels, we highly recommend a trip in the near future because it is definitely an experience you will never forget.