When you think of places to get outdoors and have fun on Delmarva, do you consider Cambridge?  We’ve been out and about and have found some amazing gems in Cambridge.  

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Our first stop at Blackwater was to the Visitor Center, and already we were blown away.  We loved the displays of local wildlife, the butterfly garden, the upstairs observation area and the gift shop.  Views from the Visitor Center are gorgeous.  Don’t drive by this building without stopping in.  

Experience Blackwater by bike, canoe, kayak, car or hiking.  The refuge offers a 20 and 25 mile bike loop, as well as a handful of water trails.  The 5 mile wildlife drive is also a great way to experience Blackwater.  There are a number of eagle resting sites, hiking trails and observation decks along the way.  We could have spent the full day exploring Blackwater, but alas, we had many more outdoor sites to explore.

Egypt Road Regional Park

Driving back towards the city of Cambridge, the next park we hit was Egypt Road Regional Park.  This park has a number of winding trails and looks to be home to the high school cross country team.  There is also a small pond.  We imagine this being a quiet, picturesque place to enjoy a packed lunch while in Cambridge.

Long Wharf Park

Long Wharf Park is really more of a marina, but we had to point out this location since it is the home of the Choptank River Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is open to self-guided tours daily from 9am – 6pm, May – October.  This location is also the only fishing location in Cambridge that does not require a fishing license.  The drive (or short walk from downtown) to Long Wharf Park is down a cobblestone road with homes that remind us of being in the deep south.

Great Marsh Park

Great Marsh Park was another great stop in Cambridge, and one of favorite features was their pathway devoted to play.  We’ve seen other fitness paths across Delmarva featuring exercise stops along the path, but this is the first time we’ve seen play stops!  This park is great for watching the boats go by, having a family picnic or fishing.  There’s even a large boat ramp.

Sailwinds Park and Footpath Bridge

We’ve driven by this park so many times, and honestly, we had low expectations.  Yes, this is home to Cambridge’s beautiful Visitor Center, and the footpath bridge is a great place to fish, but we weren’t expecting much beyond that.  However, when we got out of the car and started exploring we were pleased to find a great park.  The playground equipment here is a perfect match to the location.  We loved the lighthouse slides, and were a little disappointed that the age limit was 12.  However, the bayside bench swings were looking just right for us.  There’s also a small bay beach here.  With this also being the site of many outdoor events, this park exceeded our expectations!

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Driving Tour

While doing a driving tour isn’t everyone’s idea of being outside, we couldn’t leave this historical byway out.  Before beginning the drive, be sure to stop by a local visitor center to pick up a map and a guide (we found them at both the Blackwater Visitor Center and the Sailwinds Park Visitor Center). The driving tour takes you from Cambridge all the way north of Denton with 35 stops along the way.  The guide gives you the history of each stop.  This is a great day trip on it’s own, and we love to learn about the significance of our area.

While in Cambridge be sure to enjoy their wonderful shopping and great dining options!  We can’t wait for our next trip.