On Saturday, October 8th thousands of cyclists will gather for Seagull Century at Salisbury University and take a tour of Delmarva’s Eastern Shore to benefit a number of causes.  Cyclists have three route options: the 100 mile Assateague Century, the 100 mile Snow Hill Century and the 65 mile Princess Anne Metric Century.  All cyclists start from Salisbury University between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00am, and may cross the finish line at Salisbury University any time before 6:00pm.

Cyclists can find a great list of the top 10 things to remember for their ride at the event website.  For non-cyclists, we’ve put together a list of things to remember when you’re on the road on Delmarva this Saturday.

Be patient – There will be many more bikes on the road this Saturday than normal, and the economic impact of these cyclists coming to our area is incredible, trickling down to many aspects of our community.  Be patient and welcoming to the cyclists on the road.

Plan your route – Avoiding the three Seagull Century routes can be the best way to ensure the safety of cyclists and prevent delays.  You can find the routes of Seagull Century here.  Avoiding streets around Salisbury University like South Division Street may also be a good idea. If traveling through Salisbury, consider using the bypass instead of taking Route 13 Business.

Look again – Take an extra moment to look again when you’re at intersections, especially for cyclists who may come up next to your car on the right side when you’re turning right.

Consider their speed – Cyclists may be going much faster than you expect.  Cyclists travel faster in groups than riding solo, and can be traveling up to 25 miles per hour.

Give cyclists enough space when passing – Maryland law requires that you give cyclists 3 feet of clearance when passing.  If cars are approaching, preventing you from passing with a safe clearance, slow down behind the cyclists and wait until you can pass safely.

Check for cyclists before exiting your car – When you’re parking on the street, especially in the Snow Hill and Berlin areas, always check for cyclists coming up beside you before exiting your car.

Consider the wear and tear of the cyclists – Cycling 65 or 100 miles is taxing on anyone.  Do you remember the last time you pushed your body beyond its limits?  Perhaps you felt a little woozy, out-of-it or even made a poor decision.  Consider that cyclists may be more erratic as the day wears on.  Keep an eye out for cyclists needing assistance.

Encourage the cyclists – If you see a group of cyclists, feel free to give them a little clap or cheer of encouragement.  It may just give them the boost of energy they need to finish strong!

We wish all the cyclists a safe and happy ride this Saturday!