The Furnace Town Living Heritage Village is set to be the host of the 28th Annual Chesapeake Celtic Festival this weekend, October 7th and 8th! What was once held at the high school in Princess Anne was welcomed to move to Furnace Town by Kathy Fisher when the event needed more space to grow. This event was specifically created to celebrate the Celtic lands of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany, and Asturias & Galicia. A main event for the Celtic Festival is the parade of flags from the seven Celtic Nations on both days. Additionally, guests will be treated to a performance by The Galican Dancers and the Ocean City Pipes & Drum Band.

The authentic musicians that make up the band Iona are scheduled to perform twice during the festival, in addition to Moch Pryderi. Festival goers can easily prepare for lots of great bagpipes, banjos, mandolins, flutes and fiddles!

Athletes from Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics are set to perform amazing feats of the Highland Heptathlon, including the legendary Caber Toss. A Caber (Gaelic for tree) is exactly that, the trunk of a tree that is generally 18 to 21 feet in length and anywhere from 90-150 pounds. This year, the athletes will demonstrate the skill to beginners who will then compete in their own Novice Event. There will also be a competition for junior athletes who will compete at hurling a mini caber. In addition, historic games for children are planned and will be located in the area behind the visitor’s center.

Be sure to arrive to the festival with an appetite! Vendors in the food court will be serving classic Celtic treats like Meat Pies, Bridies, Shepherd’s Pie, Colcannon and even Haggis! Traditional Eastern Shore fare like Crab Cakes, Burgers and more will also be available for purchase. For those 21 and over, a wine and whiskey tasting will also be available for sampling!

For more information about this special event and to purchase tickets, please visit their website by clicking here. Gates are scheduled to open at 11:00am on Saturday and 10:30am on Sunday. The opening ceremony for both days will begin at noon. Enjoy!